Monday, February 9, 2015


Hi Pannchoatizens!
some of you might've notice that we received some backlash for the Bobby post that we made yesterday ^^;;

there are some issues that we would like to address!

1. Just a gentle reminder that none of the post that we translate are a reflection of what we think, and none of the post we choose to post are biased in any way, mostly we translate idols articles because they are either requested or because it's in the top panns.

2. Concerning negative post, we don't translate negative post for traffic (because we don't even know what traffic means XD) and once again, if it's on the top pann and if it interest us, we will translate it.

3. For the requests, if you guys request a certain artist, some of you will say that you don't mind if it's either positive or negative, but some of you do, but we can't control that since we're are not the ones writing the pann post, but the korean netizens so we are not liable in any way to negative nor positive post. Please keep in mind that we decide to stay as neutral as possible. We try to find the most recent article that talks about your request, and if we happen to translate it, please understand that we spent time searching for it and translating it ^^;; it's a bit hurtful to see some of you guys requesting then bashing us afterwards. Once again, we are not in control of pann, knets are!

4. We noticed that some people are not happy about negative post, and we totally understand that, but please keep your criticism towards Pann not us, since we are merely translating the posts ^_^; we don't chose how much we translate and we try to keep it balanced. Since other translation blogs don't often translate top panns, we decided to make this website, but it's inevitable that there are negative posts on Pann too, but keep in mind that it doesn't reflect ALL netizens POV, that's why in the "post response" section, it's normally really divided ^^

5. Regarding the hate comments, please be a bit more careful towards other people's feelings, most of us are behind a screen writing, and we try to stay as nice as possible, but other people may not feel the same ^_^ everyone are not as strong as us, so please don't fight too much, remember that a negative comment can ruin someone else's day, and we don't want you guys to have a bad day or something because of what we translate!

6. Finally, while reading our translations, please keep in mind that Pann netizens are really strong opinionated as you guys probably have seen :P, so they can be harsh and crazy sometimes... It's really the equivalent of tumblr (like some of you have pointed it out).

Wherever you are stay safe ^O^
We are still in our midterms so we will try to update as much as we can during our free time!
Thank you guys for reading! You guys are the best ^3^)/