Tuesday, August 20, 2019


t/n: there was a post mentioning him "bullying his members" trending earlier

Me too I wished that enter-talk wouldn't talk about Kim Wooseok now that he's in X1
Please stop dragging Kim Wooseok already; what do people who know nothing about Kim Wooseok know about his "assaults" against his members? How can people judge him just from gifs?
Up10tion always fool between themselves in an aggressive manner and Kim Wooseok is even considered calm compared to the rest..
And they are having fun among themselves, when they hit themselves it's all play. You guys are so stuck up how do you live? I'm just posting some pictures from what I remember of the many instances from Up10tion f*ck you can see that they've been like this since forever..
Do you guys have to go this far? Are you Ahn Joonyoung?

Where is him bullying members?

This one is Kim Wooseok

Here too 

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Seriously when the members did it 3 times, they only grabbed the one time that Kim Wooseok does it and edit and cut the gif to accuse him of assaulting the members. The witch hunt is freaking severe

2. [+89, -6]
That's how the kids always fooled around, why are they getting dissed? The intentions are too obvious

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That's what I've been saying... Seriously why are those crazy f*ckers swearing at him suddenly again?

4. [+22, -1]
F*ck people almost believed it. He doesn't have this image

5. [+18, -0]
He's just a good kid, so stop it already with the comments like "why are the fans defending him and fabricating things"... You can tell who he is just from the video below, watch it and you can still make those comments about him??? Stop taking a 100 min video and only posting 10 seconds of it to whine about it. Mind your own personality 
"When it rains, the thought of The Show's Wooseokie appears..
His superior ability and sweet voice
Wasn't Wooseok's birth meant to be for him to MC for The Show..?
A face full of descriptions and perfect acting
Wooseok who shoots a drama every Wednesday.. 
You who shine the brightest on screen
The show will forever treasure you in our heart
The Show will never forget the first instead until the last one spent together"