Tuesday, January 5, 2021


GOT7 Bambam
NCT Lucas
(G)I-dle Minnie
+ CLC Sorn
They are the K-pop Thai members (I learned that Lucas was mixed Thai)

They arrived in Korea without knowing any Korean
But they all know Thai + Korean + English + Chinese/Japanese
They are all tri-lingual and knows a bit of another language and it's so impressive

To me honest, their skills are also all above average

Lisa's rap and dance are way above average and she's even able to sing.

Bambam is totally an all-rounder in GOT7 and he even has variety skills

Lucas is already a killer when it comes to face size + proportions but he's also a good performer

Ten is such an all-rounder in NCT to the point of becoming Sooman's pick
He said that he learned Chinese with a Korean book

As for Minnie, first of all, her voice color is crazy. And her ability to command the stage is also solid ㅠ
She's able to do everything from composing, lyric writing and remixing!

+ CLC's Sorn is also able to edit videos from her personal YouTube
I watched CLC's stage and Sorn's proportions were so good!

Lisa knows Thai, Korean, English and a bit of Japanese
Bambam knows Thai, Korean, English and Japanese
Lucas knows Cantonese, Ensligh, Mandarin, Korean and a bit of Thai
Ten knows Thai, Ensligh, Korean, Chinese and a bit of Japanese
Minnie knows Thai, English, Korean and a bit of Chinese and Japanese
Sorn knows Thai, Ensligh, Korean, Chinese and Japanese

They are seriously so likable

As for me, I know Korean and my English isn't even good ㅋㅋㅋ

[marriage/in-laws] MY DAD'S UNFAIR DEATH... I'M SO UPSET AND SAD...

I kept ruminating over it so I couldn't bring myself to write a post... 
I'm living in hell right now, I feel like it's not reality and it just feels like a dream 

My dad passed away so unfairly.. 

My dad told me "I'll be back" and left in the evening
My dad didn't make it back alive.. 
He came back as a cold body.. 

My dad delivers food with his truck. 
He leaves when everyone is asleep and comes back in the morning.. 

He's been doing this for over 15 years, and never said once that he was having it hard
But it's been a year since he's been transporting food supply for a certain company 
and he said that he was so scared and that it was so hard on him... 

The food supply needs to be moved up to the 2nd floor using a cargo elevator
But the elevator always breaks down 
That's why he's been scared.. 

In the end, the elevator finally crashed and he got stuck in there
He died due to excessive bleeding due to his skull injury in the narrow and cold elevator
Just how painful and lonely did he feel... 

Why didn't the company maintain an elevator that was used so often????
And why didn't the safety manager supervise it...?
And why didn't they find it weird that the truck didn't move at 1am in the morning and come in and check what was happening...?
Why did they only wait until 7am to find out????
If only they came in earlier, he might've been still alive

My dad was still in his 50s.... 
Elevators aren't supposed to kill people

I'm so pissed and sad, I searched for that specific company and the only articles about them is about their opening ceremony... 
Only today, news about it appeared on the daily news..
What can I do... What can I do to get rid of this injusticeㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Please help me..... Spread the newsㅜㅜ

Sigh that company is not accepting any calls
They never apologized
What can I do other than writing here and spreading it to the news??????

Looks like it appeared in national news.... Please sympathize with meㅜㅜㅜ

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1. [+450, -1]
May he rest in peace. OP nim I hope you keep your mind together.. 

2. [+401, -1]
May he rest in peace. My heart hurts so much.. I hope that the cause of death is identified and it can ease your bitterness. If he's been saying this for a year, why did nobody go and check it... 

3. [+334, -1]
May he rest in peace. First of all, I recommend you to consult a free public lawyer

4. [+121, -0]
This company makes those luxurious colorful steel sheets that goes into elevators. They even announced in a press release that they would make steel sheets for famous elevator brands such as TS and YT. They're a company that focuses on making raw material for other elevators, shouldn't they be focusing on the maintenance of their own elevators in the first place? The biggest issue is that they neglected to fulfill basic safety duties for such a long time. 

5. [+86, -0]
First of all, you should start by checking their elevator maintenance records. Check if there's been a continuous check up and repair and if there were any abnormalities. In the content of the post, you mentioned the safety manager, but it is not clear whether you are referring to the elevator manager or whether your father mentioned that there should be a food supply inspection manager. It would be good that you confirm this so we have more clarity. I hope you keep your mind together, and that everything can be dealt with accordingly. May he rest in peace