Thursday, April 30, 2020


T/N: had to shorten the title
basically, the 3 types of fans are
1. 일반팬/ilban-fan (normal fan) = normal/average/common fan.
2. 까빠충/ggabba-bug (hater-lover bug) = it's a abbreviation of the sentence "after hating so much, you start to develop feelings of love", it's like an anti-turned into a fan. It can also be the other way around, so basically someone who only bashes and heavily criticizes the things/people they love. 까 = hate 빠 = fangirl.
3. 탈덕충/taldeok-bug (ex-fan) =  a fan who quit the fandom.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Actress Kim Ji-In and NCT Dream Na Jaemin played a couple in the web drama The Way I Hate You
After that, people started speculating whether those 2 were dating or not
People made egg accounts on Twitter (t/n: anonymous accounts) and started spreading that they're currently dating with proofs and information supporting each claim
Actually, there were already fans who knew that those 2 have been dating
The fans who had some common sense decided to stay hush hush on the affair and closed an eye on it
But today, the incident blew up
Actress Kim Ji-In released an IG story about an actor she knows and she made a post supporting the movie, but on her screenshot, the Netflix account she was using was Na Jaemin's and all the fans got to see it
The fans wanted to quickly bury down the issues with the egg accounts trying to blow this up, so they told people to say that it was a lie. But in reality it's true that the actress released the picture but quickly deleted it
So the fans who knew about this issue in the past slowly started posting about it on Twitter
There are some pictures that proves it, but the Netflix one is just irrefutable..
If you can look it up on Twitter

+People have been saying that Na Jaemin's ring is from Unicef, so I removed it


"CTzens💚 Today is Nana 🐇's first time trying to vote!! Our CTzens💚 have votes too right?
Nana🐇 was reaaaaaally how to put it? It was a feeling that I've never experienced before.. Now that I can vote too Nana🐇 is all grown up right? Hehe our CTzens💚 too I wish you all participate in voting..! Ah right, when our CTzens💚 can vote of course"

(bottom left you can see : Na Jaemin nim's currently watching contents)

"They released the bunny filter selca at the same time"

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1. [+180, -1]
Why does his name have to be Na Jaemin.. 
> I know right can his name just be Lee Junhyuk instead? We could've said "There are so many Lee Junhyuk around~!" but no matter how you try to twist it, it's still Na Jaemin
> Has his name been Kim Jaemin, we could've still twist it
> The fans are suffering because of his nameㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  At this rate, it's better to have some f*cking common name 

2. [+129, -1]
He's not my bias and I'm an 127 fan but I'm still f*cking shocked

3. [+117, -2]
Yah please just play along and say it's a lie f*ck

4. [+94, -0]
They're not using anything else, but this is the most irrefutable dating proof.. I didn't even look it up but it just appeared. I bet the female actress' IG comment section will go crazy. As soon as she opens her comment section, it will be filled with hate, maybe she'll block her comments too

5. [+93, -0]
This is seriously the most dumbfounding dating rumorㅋㅋㅋ ...Even the timing...

6. [+86, -0]
On the comeback dayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can only laugh

7. [+83 ,-1]
They go caught, but this is something so refreshing to see. As expected they got caught the way 4th generation of idols would. But in the fans' position, I wouldn't want to know this TMI ...

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


It happens that some elements will overlap from time to time and I usually overlook them thinking that it's just a coincidence, but if one group has that many, it makes me wonder if they didn't just copy

On top it's EXO's Monster
in the bottom is NOIR's Lucifer

Monday, April 27, 2020


Before getting married, we had similar personalities and we have never fought because of our hobbies, everything was perfect...
Even if we ended up fighting, we never cursed at each other and we would resolve our fight with words

After we got married and had a kid, there were so many times where we felt annoyed at each other just by being in the presence of one another
It also seems like there are a lot of things where we are not on the same page and need to come into an agreement with each other

My fiance told me that there was no other woman like me and that I was doing well so I thought that I had to treat him well. I felt that whether it came to childcare or house chores, I couldn't miss anything out.

Even if there were things I wanted to say and that it was lingering on my tongue, I kept them to myself and stacked the feelings in my heart.

The issue as once we had a kid, childcare became difficult. I was also stressed but seeing my husband coming back from work, he looked like he was having it hard too

So if we had a drink, we would say everything we wanted to say to each other.
At some point, my husband just blurted out all the issues he had with me. I also had a lot to say but I didn't want to fight in front of our kid so I just let it pass and I got scared to speak up.

When the three of us are together, we have fun, but when our kid isn't here and it's just the two of us, we become quiet and it becomes uncomfortable

Will he even listen to my concerns? Just talking to him makes me scared

Is everyone going through something like that usually?
I just wanted to rant...

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1. [+87, -1]
I think that both of you are worn out that's why. It'll get better after some time

2. [+61, -3]
I think that it's because you are both tired and sensitive so it turned out like that. After the kid grows up a bit, you will find harmony again, find strength

3. [+58, -3]
You can't always maintain your newlywed life.. the circumstances have changed but... the only way to resolve this is to talk it out

4. [+17. -2]
When you didn't have a kid, you wouldn't fight unless there's a big porblem, but once you get a kid, it seriously turns into the marriage world.. when you are engaged, you think that nothing is impossible... before having kids, if someone comes home late, as long as your partner is understanding, it's over. But once you get a kid, you'll start getting mad if your partner comes home late because you will think that you're looking after your kid alone. It will not be an issue of understanding but all the respect, manners and love that your partner will show you will become intertwined. People who haven't experienced this will never know, but after having kids, you will end up fighting to death even for the smallest things

5. [+17, 0]
Your hormones change after giving birth. So you're like this because you become more sensitive~ You will instinctively think more about the kid~ when time goes by, it will naturally become better~ try talking with your husband and ask for his understanding~


What will you do?? Since it's SM, if you just get the chance to debut, you're already 90% assured to hit big. If you're cast in the streets, it means that you're already prettier than the other trainees. Let's say you're still in the first year middle school and you haven't decided what your dream for your future is. Do you think you will accept being a trainee?? Regarding diet and surgery, you were always slim and pretty so you're not stressed about it, but you're going to receive training and it's going to be cruel, you won't be able to use your phone much either. And it's possible you'll end up having to drop out from school to train. You will never be able to form those school trips memories and even if you still contact your friends, you guys can barely meet each other. Furthermore, you're among dozens of other people so your debut is also not totally confirmed. You're just going to be a trainee. Will you still decide to be a trainee??

Vote up - yes
Vote down - no

Sunday, April 26, 2020


Please stop learning about society and philosophy from Twitter

Since this is Enter-talk, I feel like a lot of kids would be using Twitter so I'm writing this

I'm serious... If your goal for using Twitter is to fangirl, then don't use it for anything more than fangirling.

Especially when it comes to equality of the sexes, don't learn anything from Twitter
It's ok if you want to learn about it from Twitter but don't ONLY use Twitter. You need to do your own research and look up for professional material. Please stop learning from Twitter

There are a lot of people talking about how weird ideologies are associated with feminism and at first, they will sound like they are talking about gender equality but end up talking about female superiority and the likes.. please, stop learning about values and ideologies on Twitter and don't learn anything about the society from there either...

Seriously, there's one of my real life friends who learned about philosophy and society from Twitter so much that it's affecting her real life. As soon as there's something happening, she would say "that's because of the male bast*rds". Of course, her reputation at school is f*cking bad

I feel like people who learn from Twitter and live by it are so pitiful so I'm writing this...

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1. [+334, -5]
I've been on Twitter for n-years and it's a fact that there are a lot of shady and negative people there.. If you want to use Twitter healthily, you need to stand firm and you which channels to skip and block... If you get swept away, you'll end up in a weird place before you realize it.. there are a lot of people who have been tainted by the weird world. There are also a lot of people who are tainted by extreme feminists. There are especially a lot of people who think that mental diseases are trendy?

2. [+292, -6]
If you talk in Twitter-logic in real life, you'll just be a mood-breaker and you'll turn into the weirdo of the groupㅋㅋ

3. [+276, -10]
To be honest, there are so many depressed kids who would rant about their dissatisfaction and show their inferiority complex on Twitter so I f*cking don't like it there. They should've just worked harderㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  they would just dwell in their own misfortune. I was so surprised to see how many likes and retweets there were on kids who were expressing their troubles and negativity. I've even see a few Twitter memes on Instagram from time to time... I seriously think that it's becoming a bit severe....

4. [+154, 0]
For real, I just go on it to see what delicious foods I can make with an air fryer and I skip everything else

5. [+112, -1]
Twitter should be used strictly for fangirling


I've been a trainee for 6 years and a little while ago, I got kicked out. My future looks so dim right now and I'm 20 years old... I don't know what I should do from now, I'm so embarrassed to be in front of my friends so I can't even tell them anything, imagine what my friends will think of me.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Kids, please jut give me some advice, questions or just say anything, I'm having it so hard.

I feel like there might be some folks misunderstanding this, so I'll tell you one thing! The first agency (big agency) I got into was in 2014, I was still in middle school 1st year and I spent 4 years there. From 2018, for 2 years, I switched to a middle size company and lived like that. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice.

(OP came later to thank people for giving her support)

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1. [+82, -0]
Hul... You gave everything for the past 6 years and they couldn't even at least recommend you another agency...? This is too much.. You should try auditioning somewhere elseㅠㅠ

2. [+62, -0]
It's been years I haven't logged in here, but I'm doing this to write a comment for OP. I've seen this comment on Nate Pann. You're never too late for anything unless you tried to become a kids model. Even if they kicked you out, it doesn't change the fact that you've trained for 6 years already. You are the result of what you've slowly gained from the past 6 years and I'm sure it's amazing. If you decide to try again, I really wish you can debut and hit big. Even if you choose another path, I hope you won't have any regrets and be happy, OP fighting!!

3. [+30, -0]
OP-ah even though the future may look gloomy and it may be hard for you now, the 6 tough years you've had mentally and physically as a trainee will definitely bare fruit in the future!! You're 20 years old, but it's not too late, you can confidently start afresh and find something new. I hope you don't become impatient just because of your ageㅠㅠㅠㅠ  You've worked so hard until now, I support you!!!!!

4. [+17, -0]
Hul, yah me too, I'm 20 years old and I've been a trainee for all this time, I graduated from an all female school and they just decided to kick out everyone from the agency without reason. Right now I'm preparing for my entrance exams... We worked so hard, so isn't it obvious that we will both succeed?? I also have been kicked out not long ago and thought that there was no future, but I feel like it's way more worth it to plan our future more rationally..

5. [+16, -0]
Why don't you sign up for a dance university? Try to apply for those that has higher performance ratio

Friday, April 24, 2020


1. The trip happened in 2015, she's an early '97 so that makes her 20

2. Neverland (G-idle's fandom) never said that she was quiet and gentle. They praised her for being a gag character

3. YG didn't restrict male and female idols' interactions because of Miyeon. It was in place before that

4. Miyeon took a qualification exam

5. The reason why she left YG was because her debut was unlikely so she left by herself. She went on the trip afterwards

6. At that time, she didn't join any company, she wasn't a trainee either. She was a student at a vocal academy, that's it

Stop going to posts that were written from facts taken out of your own brain if you have no intention to know the real facts and just want to hate on someone


Is G-idle's main vocal Miyeon

The other party was YG's trainee Jung Jinhyung. Both of them used to be trainees from YG

Mix & Match was filmed in '14 and Miyeon is born in '97 so that would make her 18 y.o back then. Jung Jinhyung was the same age as her and both of them were minors. These two went on a trip to Japan together and the fans found out about them