Wednesday, December 14, 2016


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Hello PC-tizens,

We're not sure if you guys have read the news about Aleppo, but basically the UN has described this event as the "meltdown of humanity". Hundreds of hospitals are being bombed with thousands of civilians killed and no help whatsoever is being provided to them.

The Russian and Syrian officials have no intention to back down until the rebels are stopped or killed. Thousands of innocent people are walking in the streets with their kids and families trying to escape,but governments have no intention to save them and want the whole city to be wiped out.

Please pray for everyone in Aleppo. We are so lucky to be living under a safe roof and we cannot even imagine half of the pain that civilians of Aleppo are experiencing right now.

We know that donations are maybe not the best way to help, but it's the least we can do at this moment.. If you guys have more information, feel free to share it in the comments section!

PC admins


The White Helmets

The Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets due to their distinctive hard hats, is a volunteer civil defence non-governmental organisation which works to rescue people from the rubble of destroyed buildings.
Donations to their “hero fund” are used to pay for medical care for injured White Helmets, to help them get back on their feet, as well as supporting families of volunteers killed in action. 

Members of the White Helmets rescue a woman from a bombed-out building

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders

Very few doctors remain in Aleppo and, despite enjoying a protected status under international law, many hospitals and other medical facilities have been destroyed.
MSF supports eight hospitals in the city of Aleppo. It runs six medical facilities across northern Syria and supports more than 150 health centres and hospitals across the country, many of them in besieged areasMSF is no longer able to get into the city but continues to try to help the facilities it supports.

Preemptive Love Coalition

This non-profit organisation help address the basic needs of displaced people, such as medical care, shelter, food and water, and, once these are provided, then goes on to help rebuild lives through empowerment grants for those seeking work opportunities and trying to get their children back into education.
Just a few miles outside Aleppo, they are already feeding more than 20,000 people and providing shelter and warmth for those without homes.

A Syrian man carries a child through the ruins of Aleppo

Syria Relief

This charity started out providing medical aid to the people of Syria but has since expanded into food, shelter and education.
Their medical expertise has proved particularly useful in starting a mental health centre, to help treat the deeply traumatising consequences of living in a war zone, as well as a project providing prosthetic limbs to those who have been badly injured.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC has been helping in Syria since 2012, providing emergency relief and humanitarian aid to those uprooted by the conflict there.
Their work has included supporting clinics and mobile teams with both emergency healthcare and other issues, providing displaced people with clothes and emergency supplies, giving children education, counselling and protection and building economic stability with job training and support.

Hand In Hand For Syria

This charity takes emergency aid directly to those living under threat and trying to survive in extreme conditions.
They provide food, clothing, water and sanitation, as well as medical aid.
We also work as implementation partners on behalf of other aid agencies and charities.

Syrian residents, fleeing violence in the restive Bustan al-Qasr neighbourhood, arrive in Aleppo’s Fardos neighbourhood

Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation is a non-profit organisation which runs sustainable development projects and distributes aid.
They are currently running an emergency aid programme for the children of Syria, providing emergency relief for schools inside Syria for youngsters who remain in the country, as well as supporting refugee children who leave.
You can also buy soaps from their Scents of Syria project, handmade by women from Damascus, to help them support their families.

The Syrian American Medical Society

SAMS provides medical treatment on the ground in southern Syria as well as for refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, as well as providing medical training.
They have already treated more than 2.6 million patients and supported more than 1,700 health workers.
Aleppo evacuation has started today!! :D


Evacuation has been halted due to location confusion.
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