Wednesday, February 24, 2021


She debuted in a big company and became the top idol
As soon as she made her YT channel, she got a few millions of subscribers and achieved a record worldwide
She's been chosen as the ambassador of the worldwide renown luxury brand Channel
She gets to date top male idols
She's close with world stars like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna

I'm not Jennie's fan but she's a female idol that I envy. Putting everything together like this really makes her life seems like that of a novel

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1. [+156, -2]
Seriously, her life must be so worth living... She's living her one and only life in the most splendid way possible

2. [+156, -5]
If a female lead of a novel had this life, people would say that the story is too exaggerated and would curse at the authorㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's just how perfect her life is

3. [+143, -3]
Also, Jennie was a fan of GD when she was young but she got to be a singer herself (and in the same company as GD), became an idol, earns a lot of money, bought a nice house and gets to date the person she was idolizing when she was young...

4. [+74, 0]
She was a fan of Kai and GD and is/has dating them.

5. [+53, -1]
It's straight up like a movie...

6. [+47, 0]
It's impressive that everything she wants to realize, she just realizes them once after the other.. I think that she's born with not only fortune but also skills and luck.. She's also been doing the best she's ever done despite being in this difficult Corona situation... She leads a rare life

7. [+36, 0]
She's like the female lead of those fanfics back in the days