Sunday, February 9, 2020


Me and my dongsaengs are twins so he can't differentiate our looks and voices ㅠㅠ meanwhile my dongsaeng's boyfriend can tell us apart just fine...

Once, my boyfriend was waiting for me on the first floor and I was preparing to go out but my dongsaeng left before me since she was in a rush. So I took the next elevator and when I arrived downstairs, I saw the two of them talking and when they saw me, my dongsaeng  was like "until when have you been confusing me with my unnie?" and escaped. But my boyfriend told me how he thought that she was me and was talking to her because of that. I know my dongsaeng's boyfriend's number too, so how can I take my revenge?

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So you're thinking about taking revenge on your dongsaeng's boyfriend because of that huh?;; why are you dragging in someone else?ㅋㅋㅋ You should talk it out with your dongsaeng and if you guys are identical twins, there must be a lot of people who can't differentiate you guys. Don't think about it with your own perspective and blame your boyfriend for it. You should tell him what differentiates you from your dongsaeng.

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It's always different from twins to twins but seriously, if twins look 100% the same, even their parents can have a hard time telling them apart. I've experienced it first hand during the New Year this time. We only covered our hair and asked our aunt and uncle to find one of us and they picked differentlyㅋㅋ even our uncle asked how my aunt couldn't differentiate us despite living with us for 20 years

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You should get a hold of your boyfriend instead, why taking revenge on your sister's boyfriend? If you sh*tty boyfriend cheated, you would go after his girlfriend instead?

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I don't think that she's saying that she wants to take revenge on her dongsaeng's boyfriend in that context. It's more like since her dongsaeng was pretending to be her with her boyfriend, she wants to try to do the same no?

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For real, some identical twins are almost a copy-paste of one another.

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But even the Harry Potter twins swapped roles with each other on set and nobody could tell. So that's possible if you guys look very alike


They took V's song and wore only those clothes to dance, you don't even have to be an Army to know that this is wrong ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
Ah this is f*cking dirty, it's because of b*tches like them that the commercialization of sex is so severe