Sunday, February 2, 2020


Johnny Depp: You punched me.

Amber Heard: I'm sorry that I didn't, uh, uh, hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you, it was not punching you. Babe, you're not punched.

Johnny Depp: Don't tell me what it feels like to be punched!
Johnny Depp: Because you start physical fights?

Amber Heard: You are such a baby! Grow the f**k up Johnny!

Johnny Depp: Because you start physical fights?

Amber Heard: I did start a physical fight.
Amber Heard : I can't promise that it will all be perfect. I can't promise you I won't get physical again. God I f**king sometimes I get so mad I lose it. I can f**king promise you I will do everything to change. I promise you. I'm not going to throw around divorce I not say divorce unless I really mean it.

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1. Crazy Johnny Depp is so pitiful, his image is ruined

2. Anyways, that Amber Heard will still get all the shields from those b*tches while Johnny Depp will receive all the curses. This is like watching Goo Hyesun and Ahn Jaehyun all over again

3. Hul this is just shocking.... Johnny Depp didn't do anything all this time, but instead he let his image go bad, he must've been so tormented...

4. They should've just gotten a divorce and get alimony and not talked about this incident ever again from the beginning, but Amber Heard decided to throw a fit over everything and they came all the way here... Both are... I feel like Johnny Depp was planning to stop Amber Heard form getting cast

5. Anyone can tell that Johnny Depp got beaten up a lot... Even after the assault scandal broke between them, he still got beaten up after that, didn't Amber beat Johnny Depp so hard that his lips burst once?

6. As expected... You can't believe everything you hear. This ruined Johnny Depp's image at firstㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sigh

7. Why did Johnny Depp not reveal anything??

8. People all ganged up against Johnny Depp back in the daysㅋㅋㅋ People were only swearing at Johnny Depp

9. Me too, hearing the case back in the days, I knew that they were hiding something on both sides since they were acting like they didn't know anything

10. I'm a Harry Potter fan and I remember Johnny Depp received so much hate back in the days when Fantastic Beasts just got released. And people are still trolling him now... I knew that something was up


My skin is summer cool tone so I don't suit heavy makeup, don't really suit dyed hair either. I'm tall but I'm pretty skinny so I usually a shirt with jeans or a hoodie with slacks. But my boyfriend told me that when he meets with me, he always puts in effort in his outfits, he would even try to put on a little bit of makeup borrowed from his sister and do his hair too. So he asked me why would I put so little effort when going out. He told me to put on more makeup, dye my hair and perm them, and to wear skirts and dresses or more feminine clothing. I get that he's sad but I do everything I can too... I do do my hair and even though it's not heavy makeup, I still put on minimal makeup... what should I do? He's been sulking up all day and been so quiet.

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1. [+442, -33]
The comments here are so weird. It's not that OP doesn't wear makeup, she does her makeup and hair. She's tall and skinny, that's why she wears what fits her body better. She does her share to meet her boyfriend so isn't the boyfriend the weird one to tell her to put more effort in herself? It's not like she was going on dates with her bare faces, training suit and slippers ㅡㅡ Her boyfriend just wants her to change for his own pleasures ㅡㅡ try meeting someone who finds you pretty just the way you are instead

2. [+335, -22]
Everything your boyfriend said was BS.. I can see the end

3. [+232, -82]
I think that I would be sad at his place too though ㅠㅠ.. when I meet my boyfriend, I always prepare for hours and put in so much effort, so he might think that you gave no thought in meeting him... Maybe try to share your reasoning with him? If he still wants you to put on more makeup and adorn yourself better, then I think that the best thing is just to break up

4. [+123, -4]
No but... I don't understand. It's not like you were meeting him wearing a training suit and slippers. And you also prepare yourself based on your own conditions so why does your boyfriend want you to keep up with his needs...? You have your own standards of how to adorn yourself but he wants you to do it his way. I don't understand why you should go by his standards

5. [+113, -2]
"More feminine", what BSㅋㅋㅋ