Thursday, January 7, 2021


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Bomin (September): We're meeting again? Let's share a lot of things <3
Bomin (October): We're meeting again? Let's share a lot of things <3
Bomin (November): Welcome! Should we chat in this space made just for us? <3 
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"I've subscribed ever since June. But you have not showed up even once all this time. I sent you a congratulation message on August for your 3rd year since debut but after that, neither me or Bomin didn't say anything. All I did was wait. But what is he doing now? Is he even alive? Is it that hard to release even one selca?"

Golden Child, Golcha, Choi Bomin


Idols who are renewing their contracts really soon:
RV, Mamamoo, Lovelyz, Gfriend, Oh My Girl 

Idols who have a few years left until they renew:
Twice, BP, Seventeen, Pentagon, iKON, NCT

Idols who succeeded in renewing: 
Apink, BTS, Infinite, BTOB

The 3rd generation of idols' renewal is coming so I'm freaking nervous
if they don't it means disbandment 

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1. [+135, -82]
Seventeen are definitely all renewing even the Chinese members, nobody will leave

2. [+98, -18]
My bias is Seventeen and you really think that Pledis will let Seventeen free?? They don't seem to want to let any of the leaders go 

3. [+71, -18]
Please Pentagon.. Let's renew and stay 9 members foreverㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+62, -11]
Gfriend are already renewing, but I'm not nervous.. Let's stay forever with Buddy I hope that all the groups mention will renew and that they will spend a good time with fans for a long time

5. [+62, -7]
I can't believe that Gfriend are renewing... They debuted in 2015 so they will be deciding whether to renew this year, but all the members are still living in the same dorm and they're still preparing for a comeback so the fans really couldn't care less about renewal seasonsㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+52, -1]
Looking at what happened with GOT7, I don't think it's simply a question of friendship.. I don't know anymore 


 I've thought about it, but from an idol's perspective, isn't it more advantageous to earn good money overseas and be famous there while having little recognition in Korea?

Idols used to have great public recognition during their 2nd generation, and instead of focusing on earning money overseas, they were more popular domestically. It was to the point whenever idols stepped out, f*cking lots of people gathered around them and if they got into a controversy while promoting, everyone in the public knew about it and the issue would blow out of proportion.

Nowadays, the idol industry is just a secluded world in itself and whenever an idol gets into a controversy, there's not much reactions to it aside from the idol fans. 
Looks like idols are able to go to other countries and earn good money without having the public even know about them nowadays 

From an idols' perspective, getting a reasonable amount of fame from people who give them love, earning f*cking lots, they know that no matter what controversy they get in there will be a bunch of international fans who will give them a free pass... Isn't this way more advantageous than what the 2nd generation had? 

Of course, I can't say how fans feel about this

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1. [+160, -4]
To be fair, idols probably prefer what things are like now... More than anything, there's more ways you can spend money on idols, so they can earn better money and they also have international fans in return. This is the best way to earn money 

2. [+147, -3]
"No matter what controversy, there will be international fans who will give them a free pass" that's so trueㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Idols in the past earned money from the general public, so the moment they get into a controversy, their money is gone, but right now, the idol industry is living in its own world, so unless it's really the worst type of controversy, people will let it slide. Especially for international fans, they will even excuse the worst controversiesㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+106, -3]
I don't think that as someone in the entertainment industry, I'll have much thoughts about it. The true goal whether you're a company or an idol is to ultimately earn money 

4. [+73, -2]
You can call them flops, but they're only flops to the general public's eye. They can still earn good money, so is this considered a flop? It's way better to go on international tours and earn money than to stay #1 on Korean music charts for weeks. But compared to the 2nd generation of idols, their core fandom is considerably smaller. In the past we used to swear at multifandom fans, migratory bird fans (t/n: fans who change often), and light fans (t/n: fans who aren't "core") but nowadays, we call them rather "Kan-jeb" fans (t/n: fans who are at the stage of wondering whether they should enter the fandom) and "cost-effectiveness" fans (t/n: fans who only fangirl/fanboy when they feel like it, ie. they'll buy the album only if they think it's worth it) and they're growing in number. I feel like nowadays, the most important thing is not to get the general public's attention, but to build a core fandom. 

5. [+57, -31]
People keep asking for something refreshing, but they have already lost interest in idols, so what's the point in being refreshing? 

6. [+53, -9]
It's true that if you look at idols now, they can do just as well without public's recognition 


Emergency Declaration (movie) team went to drink and Lee Byunghun left, so he was throwing a fit telling people to call him again

Jun Doyeon stopped him and he threw a beer cup at her and got pissed

And he curses using words that you can't even imagine

There's also a video of him kicking Im Siwan in a public event in the past

Even the staff said that once he drinks he gets violent and they were even hit in the past

He hit big thanks to Parasite lately so I searched him up again and it seems like he loses his human nature when he's drunk... Like he becomes fearless? 

It makes me disappointed to see how he uses the national actor title while at the back he does gangster stuff like that 

Left = Song Kangho, Right = Im Siwan
Looking at it again, he was really rude

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1. [+302, -19]
If a female actress had those habits when they get drunk, they would've already trended on real time searches and everyone would've went nuts... But he's a man, so nobody caresㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+274, -3]
Didn't he also have DUI? When actors gets in a controversy, it all gets buried 

3. [+127, -0]
I saw a headline that stated that Lee Jungjae and Song Kangho broke ties... Is this why?ㅋㅋㅋ  Why is he going around with the nation's actor title... Does he know what generation this is... Looks like he lost his touch after being pushed by Bong Joonho director nim

4. [+126,- 4]
In the end, he can't help it but be a hannam too.. (t/n: derogatory term for Korean men) 

5. [+85, -1]
I hate people who have habits like that but can't help but drink a lot every time they drink 

6. [+68, -0]
I get dumbfounded whenever he acts all serious in Korean award shows but acts so cheerful in international award shows

7. [+65, -1]
First of all, his DUI.. Seriously because of Song Kangho, I get bitter whenever I watch Parasite.. 

8. [+64, -0]
Did you guys see Song Kangho's son Song Joonpyung attack EXO fans in the past? His dad appeared in The Drug King and Do Kyungsoo in Swing Kids, but both movie premiered at the same time. The film was boring so there wasn't a lot good of response, so why is he blaming this on EXO fans?
"EXO fans let's cut it down on the hate comments;;"

9. [+59, -6]
But Im Siwan too.. 


 It was confirmed that Cho Doosoon, a child sex offender, applied for a customized benefit for the National Basic Livelihood Security provided to low-income families who can't make a living.

In the middle of last month, after being released from the prison, Cho Doosoon applied for living benefits and basic pensions with his spouse at the Danwon-gu Office in Ansan City.

If he is selected as a basic living security recipient, he will be able to receive up to 1.2 million won per month, including a living wage of 926,000 won and a housing salary of 268,000 won based on a two-person family.

The criteria for determining her beneficiaries are based on work ability, income and property, and Cho Doosoon who is currently 65 years old or older and is classified as having no working ability.

Although his spouse is under the age of 65, she is complaining of chronic illnesses and difficulties in reemploying and stopping work due to surrounding conditions.