Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hello PC-tizens!

As you have noticed, we were a bit busy recently XD
That's because we have some shows coming up and we were preparing a lot for it!
Here are some of the videos of our dance crew (Nakama crew) that we started with some good friends of ours!
Please don't be too harsh since it's our first time being on YT haha. We are also preparing a fashion YT aside from other things that will probably come up this September so please look forward to that too!

Here are the videos we did with our crew (one is K-pop cause we have to audition for something, and the other one was for an anime convention ^^)

You guys can try to spot us haha
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Thank you for your understanding! You guys are the best ^_^ ^_^

1. KPOP cover/choreo

2. Anime choreo (without us)

3. Anime choreo2 (with us!!! )



I suddenly got curious,
do you guys have real friends?
even if you change class, you would still meet each other. even in shitty situations, you would still believe in each other. do you have someone who would never betray you? I know that there are lots of other traits above those but truthfully, I don't have a friend like that. when I go to school, I just talk here and there to people but I don't think that they are my real friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠ am I the only one thinking like that? if so, I'm sorry...

T/N: sorry again for the lack of posts! please bear with us until mid-September and we will have more free time ^^