Sunday, February 21, 2021


Hello, I gained courage after seeing the S**jin incident recently so I'm writing this. I don't want to be entangled in troubles here and there and it's obvious that I'll end up fighting with a big company, so I planned to just live my life ignoring everything but seeing the S**jin school violent post, and before Naver gets rid of their real time search ranking, I made up my mind (to write this) after seeing everyone's comments telling me to reveal everything.

I and Kim M*ngyu-sshi went to the same middle school and high school. I wasn't someone who had a big presence in school and I was just your average student while Kim M*ngyu was involved here and there. He was good at soccer and he was one of the people in the iljin group.

First of all, on our way the first year of middle school, the scary kids + unnies would stop me in the way and forcefully take money from me. There was a moment where they would verbally attack me. They were probably bored or they needed to vent their anger on someone, so they would indiscriminate me, verbally abuse me, push my head, etc. These were some light abuse. I was too scared so I cried. But there was someone who's been just watching all these instances smiling. Sometimes, they would throw a Cola cap to my face from 4-5 meters away.
The person who was laughing was Kim M*ngyu. I still remember vividly the words he said back then. 

"F*ck, that's f*cking funny"

He probably smoked cigarettes since he was in the 1st grade of middle school, because there were 20 girls and guys who gathered together, but they were often scolded by teachers during lunchtime, when they went over the school wall, during recess, after school, during school hours, etc.

I don't need to comment on his drinking. At that time, iljins would brag about drinking alcohol so... you can hear them all the time at school (bragging about drinking).

Also, during my 3rd year of middle school, Kim M*ngyu was casted in front of our school by Pl*dis and got in by auditioning. After that, he texted me once. At that time, we weren't in the same class but I think that he went around to ask for my number. The message I received said "I'm going to the practice room but I don't have my money to pay my transportation fee" and he asked me if I could collect 5,000 won by tomorrow.

People who are born in '96, '97, '98 and '99 would know but the thing that scared people the most at that time weren't the parents or the teachers, it was the iljins and the sunbaes. Also, I've seen that in that 20-people group, some kids would do a 90 degree bow when they saw Kim M*ngyu.. Of course,  there was no way for me to refuse his request, so I said "yes" and that's what he replied me:

"Once you collect the money, don't come look for me in my class. Make sure you call me or send me a message. Don't ever come to my class". But nonetheless, he started to manage his image afterwards. Even if I try to collect as much money as I could, I couldn't gather more than 3,000 won and a few cents. So I thought that I could give him at least that much.

I was going to send him the money through messaging during the break time, but I didn't have AL (the payment system we used back then) so I couldn't send him the money so I ended up going to look for him in his class. 

When he saw me, he was startled and he brought me to the stairs that were connected to the roof and told me angrily
"I told you to make sure not to come and look for me, why did you come?
How much did you collect?
You couldn't find more than this?
Ah I get it, go"

I remember him saying only these 4 sentences. Seeing how I can still vividly remember everything like this made me realize how much of an impact his words were to me.  After that, 1 year later, Kim M*ngyu sent me a Facebook message without even being my friend on FB wishing me a happy birthday. I never changed my account so I still have his message. 

Also, Cyworld revived again so I'll share the pictures in the comments.


t/n: context,Idle Soojin's school violence rumors surfaced to which Cube has stated that they were false, Seo Shin Ae is an actress who posted this after this happened. It's a huge dump so we'll keep the comments at 5 per article ;; we will paraphrase a few things if it's getting lengthy