Saturday, April 18, 2020


I'm not trying to simply put down the idol's culture. To be honest, if you compare ours with oversea's idol culture, the fundamentals of "idol culture" is vastly different

First of all, they are free to do everything overseas. On the other hand, if someone gets caught dating here, idols just get chewed to death and female idols will receive a ton of hate.
(Of course, there are exceptions, but these are rare)

Usually, the majority will sell off fake relationships with their fans. And during fansigns, fans would give baby accessories to adults and take pictures of them. As for the sasaengs;;; I don't need to say anything.

First of all, telling them to do aegyo as a whole is strange.

Moreover, if you put yourself in idols' shoes when people make RPS (coupling) of them, it's as if someone was putting you and your friend together to do 19+ stuffs. It's not normal

Also, if someone was taking all my micro expressions and making up rumors based on them, I would go crazy. Of course, the fans themselves would also donate and help on behalf of the idols which is a very good thingㅠㅠ

But there are just too many actions that are crossing the line. It's not as bad as Japan but there's a "factory-made" vibe to idols.

If I could nitpick, our idols and real singers (ex. Gummy, Hweesung, Sohyang) are all separated. If we're talking about "k-pop", people will for sure think about idols. So it's fine to compare them to foreign singers. I'm not hating on idols and the fans, I just think that the strange culture would disappear