Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I received a confession from my crush today... ah since it happened at 12, does it mean that it was yesterday..?
Anyways my crush is sitting at the first row and I'm in the second row. When I wanna stare at him, I pretend to look at the screen so that if I made eye contact with him, I can pretend like nothing happened, like I was just casually looking at the screen?
However, today I was starring at him again and he was telling me something while moving his mouth and I couldn't really decipher because I was pretending not to look at him and went "what are you looking at?" like that
When it was class time, the teacher wasn't looking at us and was writing stuff on the board so I played rock paper scissors with my crush and lost? So he laughed and I was doing aegyo to him as a joke
and then he tried to tell me something again by moving his mouth and I went "huh?" 

And he kept trying to tell me but I keep being "????? Just say it syllable by syllable" like that
and he went "let's" "date" with his mouth... I was too shocked at that time and I went "What???No way! Ey" and turned back to look at the board 
But I kept thinking "What?What?" in my head, what if I didn't decipher what he actually wanted to say? I couldn't even concentrate in class and my head was just over the clouds
But as soon as the clock rang, he stood up and came to my seat and told me up-close, not in my ears, "let's date" like that
... And I was still too shocked so I went "huh? uh???what??? huh?? huh??" so he told me we could talk about it later instead.

and then I went home and called him and said that I liked him tooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
ha seriously even on the phone I kept saying nonesense stuff and then at the end I went "me too I like you" and hung up right away... he just sent me a katalk and I'm too shy to even respondㅠㅠㅠ ah seriously what should I doㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠI like him... but...ahㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


t/n: some of them aren't so obvious so we looked up the meanings in parenthesis for you guys~ you might've not seen some of them, but remember that it's among k-nets and some cannot/do not have a direct translation so it might not be known (yet) to the i-fandoms ^^

[naver] PENTAGON


t/n: some of you requested this link but we can only see 3 top comments because it's in the poll section of naver :S
so what  we'll do is translate the5 top comments of each performance team videos so it'll add more content to the article ^^

poll: 5:5 pentagon performance! Who is the member who stood out the most?

1. 29.5%votes : Hongseok (Hui team)

2. 23.1%votes : Jinho (Kino team)

3. 13.8%votes : Kino (Kino team)

4. 8.6%votes : Yuto (Hui team)

5. 6.7%votes : Hui (Hui team)

6. 4.5%votes : Yan-an (Kino team)

7. 4.2%votes : YeoOne (Hui team)

8. 3.8%votes : Wooseok (Kino team)

9. 3.1%votes : E-dawn (Hui team)

10. 2.7%votes: Shinwon (Kino team)

1. [+1537, -78]
should be taking care of BTOB instead

2. [+1103, -117]
are you going crazy with Yang Hongseok? He's hopeless

3. [+585, -46]
who are they????


1. [+68, -4] they all did a good job please let them all debutㅠㅠㅠ
2. [+61, -3] hoo they're cool
3. [+53, -3] they all look cool!
4. [+53, -6] the vocals' voice colors are daebak. The rappers have contrasting voices so it adds a different feel to the song and their lyrics are well written too... It was so touchingㅠㅠㅠit was cool to see how they helped each other outㅠㅠThey'll do well jjang jjang
5. [+53, -3] their harmony was so cool, adding the contrasting voices of the rappers was so nice....


1. [+99, -2] Jinho-yah your voice is very niceㅠㅠㅠ he looks so happyㅠㅠㅠ
2. [+82, -2] They're the best. Choreography and arrangement skills, they're good at doing both. I hope all those people do well!
3. [+79, -2] Why am I crying when I see Jo Jinho singing like thisㅠㅠ
4. [+76, -1] I seriously wondered why those vocal members had such low scores..? Their voices are nice and they sing very well too.. Ah I really liked this stage!
5. [+62, -1] Jinho did a really good job! As expected from a main vocal ^^


hi pannchoatizens~ hope you guys are all enjoying summer!^^
we thought about a new category for our website which will be [mmr] or monthly music rankings

every beginning of the month we will update you with Korean music rankings from various portal sites to show you a glimpse into Korean music that the general public listen to :)
We picked the most popular ones, but tell  us if you would want to see other charts (ie: Mcountdown/hiphop/music video/ albums/instiz(mostly kpop)  etc.) and we'll update this page right away ^^ 
Hope you guys enjoy!

*At the end of the year, we will post the yearly chart :)

REMINDER: these are digital monthly charts!


Gaon chart

1. DotS OST - This love
2. DotS OST - You are my everything
4. Mamamoo - You're the best
5. DotS OST - Everytime
6. Lee Hi - Breath 
7. DotS OST - Talk love
8. DotS OST - Once again
9. Eric Nam & Wendy - Spring love
10. Gfriend - Rough

Melon chart

1. 10cm - What the spring??
2. DotS - This love
3. DotS - You are my everything
4. DotS - Talk love
5. Jang Beom June - Falling in love
6. DotS - ALWAYS
7. DotS - Once again
8. DotS - Eveytime
9. Mamamoo - You're the best
10.  MC the Max - No matter where

1. 10cm - What the spring??
2. DotS - Talk love
3. DotS - Let's love
4. DotS - You are my everything
5. Dots - This love
6. DotS - Wind beneath your wings
7. DotS - Once again
8. DotS - ALWAYS
9. Junsu - How can I love you
10. BlockB - Toy


1. 10cm - What the spring??
2. DotS - Talk love
3. DotS - You are my everything
4. DotS - ALWAYS
5. DotS - This love
6. DotS - Once again
7. Jang Beom June - Falling in love
8. DotS - Let's love
9. DotS - Everytime
10. Produce101 - In the same place

add: Hiphop chart (those are Melon weekly charts because we couldn't get any monthly charts ><)

1. Zico - I am you, you are me
2. Locco feat. Chacha Malone - You too
3. Zico feat. Babylon - Boys and girls
4. Zico feat. Zion T. - Eureka
5. Heize feat. B2ST Yong Junhyung - Don't come back
6. Gary feat. Gaeko - Lonely night
7. Mamamoo - 1cm
8. Ikon - My type
9. SMTM - Okey dokey
10. U Sung Eun feat. Kisum - Jealous

Indie chart

1. 10cm - What the spring??
2. 10cm - Stalker
3. Jung Jun-il - Hug me
4. Standing Egg - Rainbow
5. Locco feat. Crush - Hold me tight
6. Hyuk Oh - Wing wing
7. Acourve feat. Hanol - What I wanna say
8. Crush feat. Swings - Crush on you
9. Vanilla acoustic feat. Heize - Blind date
10. J rabbit - Just don't fall down

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