Wednesday, May 20, 2020


t/n: OP fixed the title twice to "Cheongdam cafe" to "clarification"

+ Right now the official accounts have been clarified and the articles have been corrected, in total, there was actress Lee Minjung, Afterschool Lee Jooyeon, T-ara Hyomin, gymnastic athlete Son Yeonjae, Actress Kim Heejung, Imvely and Nam Taehyun

Here's a quick summary:
1. After the outburst in Itaewon's gay club, on May 9th, an acquaintance (someone famous in the fashion industry) held a party in Cheongdam-dong (t/n: FIY the 2 locations are 5.3km apart and you need to cross the Han river to get from one place to the other, roughly 5min subway)
2. There were around 30 people without masks, there are pictures in the comments of them not wearing masks
3. The owner of the alpaca was deceived into sending them an alpaca (from the owner himself)
+ There were also other animals pictures aside from the alpaca
4. There's still no articles about whether they got tested for covid19
5. Hyomin, Kim Heejung participated in the Thank You challenge + Imvely donated masks