Thursday, May 31, 2018


I seriously hate writing on Nate Pann
but there's this other post with the exact same title as mine who climbed on the top trending posts with lots of upvotes
The majority of Wannables have quit Pann to this other post was definitely fabricated.
I was so dumbfounded that I'm writing this post
If you don't want to read, leave.

<The 11 fandoms' weather conditions>

Excluding Ong Seongwu, the 11 fandoms are all clean
Preparing for their comeback
Looking forward to units
Looking forward to X-con
Title track's quality is daebak
They'll be active on digital charts
They'll consume the new CFs
They go crazy over fan goods

<Inter-fandom atmosphere>

Ongniel - Good
Ever since P101, their biases were already close
So the fandoms replicated
There are of course distinctions between Niel fandom, Ong fandom and Ongniel fandom
Most of fans who fangirl on both Ongniel are ones who watched P101
They have f*cking lots of Twitter fansites dedicated to them

Deephwi - Good
They are roommates in their new dorm
Their personalities match each other and it's pretty to see
They also joke around a lot
Since the P101 fans' biases were friends, they get along well

Pink sausage - good
They're the same age, their personalities are also manly so they match wel
They became quickly close near the end of 101
So the fandoms also became close at that time, right now, their relationship is very friendly
They have a variety show together and they even shot their graduation V app together
They have a lot of overlapping activities, so fans naturally started fangirling on them together

96s - good

They both started in B rank on Produce so they got close
One is the dance teacher and the other vocal teacher for the other one so they helped each other
Ever since Produce until now, they get along
The fans are also close
They're same age, so they joke around a lot, they're like real brothers

Winkniel - Good
When Produce ended, the competitive atmosphere between the fandoms disappeared
They're game mates and they also did lasik together 
They also eat ramen together and they're like brothers
The fans also get along like that
They also have lots of Winkniel fansites since Produce ended

105s - good
They said themselves that they're actually close in real life
They said that the Sorry sorry team 2 members are all very close
Minhyun also said that Daniel receives his jokes the best
Daniel also said that he receives Minhyun's kisses the best
Both are from the same hometown and they also watch movies and go to restaurants together
The fans are happy to see their hyung-dongsaeng-like relationships

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ㅇㅇ |2018.05.31 16:01 신고하기
Our kids are having a comeback

ㅇㅇ |2018.05.31 15:34 신고하기
Wanna One's kids are all getting along and have no issues, so I don't know why fans would fight...Please everyone, let's behave like good fans!! Please let's not hurt those pretty kids!!!

ㅇㅇ |2018.05.31 14:47 신고하기
It's because Wannables are all quitting Pann that we see this many hate posts

ㅇㅇ |2018.05.31 16:16 신고하기
It hurts me to read about them running out of time... Please leave them alone, I know we can't control Nate Pann, but can you just not touch Wanna One?

ㅇㅇ |2018.05.31 15:39 신고하기
This post is 100% true ~ I hope Wanna One will know ♡ Our lovely Wanna One!!!

ㅇㅇ |2018.05.31 18:09 신고하기
Please leave Wanna One and Wannable alone ㅠㅠ You said it yourself, they don't have much time left, so just leave them