Thursday, January 9, 2020


This happened today.................. If I can introduce my crush before getting into the story, we are from the same school but not from the same class. He's f*cking good at studying and looks friendly. He's not a thug but he's a bit reserved? But he's still an insider (T/N: has a lot of friends). His friends are not the type of kids to smoke or drink either... (I'm close with his friends) We kinda greet each other but don't really talk to each other? That's about it for our relationship. Anyways, there are a lot of kids who flock around our academy so it's a place where we cross path with kids from other school a lot. And near the academy, there's an apartmentㅇㅇ And I live there. My crush and I go to different academies but they are both located in the same buildingㅇㅇ so we take the same route when going to the academy. Today, after the academy ended, I was going home and I was going home and there's this dark woody path? in a park and there was someone there. He was passing by and he was wearing a grey hoodie and he was smoking. I was like "what the heck?" and looked and our eyes met. But at that point, I still didn't figure out that it was my crush???? F*ck, but that guy in the grey hoodie went "ah" and then removed his cigarette right away? And it was then that I looked at him properly and saw that it was my crush. He f*cking let go of his cigarette in a shocked manner and greeted me.... that silent moment then.... f*ck, looks like he was hiding his smoking from his friends too so will he send me a FB message?.............. f*ck, he was f*cking handsome and I'm going crazy............ I don't like smoking but..... he was f*cking sexy........... f*ck........................ what should I do?

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Your reaction is a mess. Do you think that it makes sense that he's smoking as a minor?ㅋㅋㅋ f*cking detestable. Why are you trying to rationalize it by saying that he's sexy?

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The beautification of smoking here is solid. It's like saying "I saw my husband smoking on the veranda, he saw that I and the baby were awake and threw the cigarette away'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it was so heart fluttering (sarcasm). Later you'll write posts like "my boyfriend isn't quitting smoking", "we fought because of his smoking and broke up... is there a way to hold him back?", etc. Then, you'll get a reality check

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He must have felt so creeped out.. thinking "ah, what if this brat snitches on me?..."

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Handsome + smoking + not show off = f*cking sexy

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It's illegal for minors to smoke so why does everyone here think that it's not a big deal?; I'm pissed off

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Even if he's freaking handsome, if he smokes, he's detestable....


Was that Suga? It seems like he was talking about sasaengs or the public who were fixated on him and how he was scared. At the end, I got goosebumps from the camera clicking sounds
Don't you feel this way about Bangtan's concept? That they are talking about the people busy taking their pictures and invading their privacy?

But it's kinda sad..

By the way, I'm not a Bangtan fan so I don't know.. I just watched the video and wrote thisㅜㅜㅜ

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Rather than his private life, I think that he's talking about always being under the spotlight which comes with many negative flip sides? It's just what I think!

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I got goosebumps when I saw this part. The camera was filming Suga but look at the money signs... seriously, they are taking advantage of Bangtan to create a buzz? It just makes me feel sorry and it breaks my heartㅠㅠㅠ (especially the lyrics)... Protect Bangtanㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Look at the lyrics... they are so sad

"I wanna be a rap star
I wanna be the top
I wanna be a rockstar
I want it all mine
I wanna be rich
I wanna be the king
I wanna go win
I wanna be …

I wanna be a rap star
I wanna be the top
I wanna be a rockstar
I want it all mine
I wanna be rich
I wanna be the king
I wanna be me
I want a big thing
Oh boy let me see
I got a big dream yeah

[Verse 1]
Woo, I wondered everyday how far I’d go
I came to my senses and I find myself here
Yeah, hmm, shadow at my feet
Look down, it’s gotten even bigger
I run but the shadow follows, as dark as the light's intense
I’m afraid, flying high is terrifying
No one told me how lonely it is up here
I can leap in the air but also plunge, now I know
Running away could be an option too, pause
People say, there’s splendor in that bright light
But my growing shadow swallows me and becomes a monster
Up high, high, and higher, higher
I only go higher and vertigo overtakes me
I rise, rise, I hate it
I pray, I pray, hoping to be okay

The moment I’m flying high as I wished
My shadow grows in that blasting stark light
Please don’t let me shine
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me fly
Now I’m afraid
The moment I face myself brought lowest
It so happens that I’m flying the highest
Please don’t let me shine
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me fly
Now I’m scared
Don’t let me shine

I wanna be a rap star
I wanna be the top
I wanna be a rockstar
I want it all mine
I wanna be rich
I wanna be the king
I wanna go win
I wanna be …

Yeah I’m you, you are me, now do you know
Yeah you are me, I’m you, now you do know
We are one body, sometimes we will clash
You can never break me off, this you must know
Yeah yeah can’t break me off, whatever you do
Yeah you’ll be at ease if you admit it too
Yeah succeed or fail, whichever way you flow
Yeah you can’t escape, wherever you go
I am you, you are me, now you do know
You are me, I am you, now do you know
We are one body and we are gonna clash
We are you, we are me, this do you know"

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Bangtan are idols but they are definitely artists too

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I just saw the MV now and I'm a fan of another group commenting here but I was in a daze.... It was just crazy. I usually don't like strong raps like this but this is f*cking nice. How is Suga so handsome? I kept getting shocked from moment to moment as I watched the MV


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It's finally out!!! BTS' Suga's new side is too cool!

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BTS' Sufa is too cool and I'm getting goosebumps ㅠㅠ this album trailer is just amazing!

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Min Yoongi, you dangerous man!!! <3

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ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Our Suga-ie

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Min Yoongi, you dangerous man!!!!


Jihyo got her face judged, body judged and received sexual harassment ever since she was on Sixteen
And she also got her private life exposed and received so much hate every day
There are always those Hannam fans mocking her and putting her down for the past 5 years

She couldn't hold back on the haters anymore and just used a popular slang "웅앵웅" and people are f*cking killing her with their hate, treating her like a criminal

Meanwhile, GD wore those tshirts, and even went public with his relationship and the fans are still shielding him, even when he did marijuana