Monday, December 28, 2020


She's a foreign YouTuber and makes guesses on where the celebrities have gotten surgery on by comparing their past and present pictures.
At first, she was just doing foreign celebrities so I didn't care
But now, I saw that she started to analyze Korean idols too?
So with my limited English skills, I started watching her with subtitles on

Looking through her videos, the ridiculous thing is that she doesn't just make assumptions on the part of the celebrity's face that changed but she takes pictures where the angles and lighting are all different, and says things like "I think that she got fillers here, I think that she got her nose done, I think that she got liposuction or lip fillers", etc;;;

The comments are all saying how "the extreme K-pop fans have to acknowledge this,
Surgery isn't something you should be ashamed of,
Wow it's fun, please do BTS and Twice next,
It's awful that she (the YouTuber) has to put a disclaimer at the beginning of her video (saying how her and her family took legal actions over hate comments)" etc...;;

The reason why her videos are offensive isn't whether the celebrities had surgery not had. It's because people are taking her assumptions as facts and that's giving me goosebumps and makes me so mad.
I'm also annoyed at how K-pop idols are all gonna be perceived as plastic beauties
Ah also, there are even people who are doubting how how the idols' skin color at their debut is different from nowㅋㅋㅋ;;;


EXO, Aespa, Red Velvet and NCT will be at the SM concert so they won't be attending
BP will obviously not attend. Twice will attend but every time, they never give Twice the ending stage so after Twice's performance, the viewership will go down.

Bangtan, TXT and Enhypen will obviously not attend at all cost
Seventeen and Nu'est are not attending
GFriend is not attending

Even so, I feel like the trot fans will watch it but in reality, people in their 40's don't find year end ceremonies entertaining so they won't watch it either. MBC's year end stage is ruinedㅋ

There's nothing else to watch except for A-lists like Twice and Izone ㅇㅇ

Update+ SM will have pre-recorded stages, but even so, EXO and RV are not attending

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1. [+349, -21]
But they will have the highest rating of all the 3 broadcastsㅋ Once Im Hero appears, it's over (T/N: Im Youngwoong)

2. [+218, -234]
You're saying that it's gonna fail because EXO and RV are not attending?ㅋㅋㅋ overinflated ego

3. [+215, -5]
The certified check for the viewership is that trot will be there

4. [+114, -2]
Im Youngwoong and Song Gain are attending so this is game over. You don't even have to worry about it

5. [+87, -28]
You believe that the viewership will go up because of EXO and Aespa?

6. [+85, -11]
Izone are A-list idols..?

7. [+56, -11]
Are you a Wizone? Look at you calling Izone "A-list"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ