Monday, April 27, 2020


Before getting married, we had similar personalities and we have never fought because of our hobbies, everything was perfect...
Even if we ended up fighting, we never cursed at each other and we would resolve our fight with words

After we got married and had a kid, there were so many times where we felt annoyed at each other just by being in the presence of one another
It also seems like there are a lot of things where we are not on the same page and need to come into an agreement with each other

My fiance told me that there was no other woman like me and that I was doing well so I thought that I had to treat him well. I felt that whether it came to childcare or house chores, I couldn't miss anything out.

Even if there were things I wanted to say and that it was lingering on my tongue, I kept them to myself and stacked the feelings in my heart.

The issue as once we had a kid, childcare became difficult. I was also stressed but seeing my husband coming back from work, he looked like he was having it hard too

So if we had a drink, we would say everything we wanted to say to each other.
At some point, my husband just blurted out all the issues he had with me. I also had a lot to say but I didn't want to fight in front of our kid so I just let it pass and I got scared to speak up.

When the three of us are together, we have fun, but when our kid isn't here and it's just the two of us, we become quiet and it becomes uncomfortable

Will he even listen to my concerns? Just talking to him makes me scared

Is everyone going through something like that usually?
I just wanted to rant...

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1. [+87, -1]
I think that both of you are worn out that's why. It'll get better after some time

2. [+61, -3]
I think that it's because you are both tired and sensitive so it turned out like that. After the kid grows up a bit, you will find harmony again, find strength

3. [+58, -3]
You can't always maintain your newlywed life.. the circumstances have changed but... the only way to resolve this is to talk it out

4. [+17. -2]
When you didn't have a kid, you wouldn't fight unless there's a big porblem, but once you get a kid, it seriously turns into the marriage world.. when you are engaged, you think that nothing is impossible... before having kids, if someone comes home late, as long as your partner is understanding, it's over. But once you get a kid, you'll start getting mad if your partner comes home late because you will think that you're looking after your kid alone. It will not be an issue of understanding but all the respect, manners and love that your partner will show you will become intertwined. People who haven't experienced this will never know, but after having kids, you will end up fighting to death even for the smallest things

5. [+17, 0]
Your hormones change after giving birth. So you're like this because you become more sensitive~ You will instinctively think more about the kid~ when time goes by, it will naturally become better~ try talking with your husband and ask for his understanding~


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