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I'm currently adding more content from the Ka-talks. I hope that you can read this following my first post (here)
Informant =/= victim

Chat between the informant and victim
Informant: If they tell us  not to mention this again, not to sue again, to demand money or not to mention this incident, we can allow that 
- But if the assailant tell the victim not to mention this incident again and doesn't provide XX (I think that she's talking about the victim) with any legal documents or whatnot, but end up taking all your psychiatric documents away, this is just a power trip
- Oki oki?? Setting up the bait is not right. SM is driving us crazy
- Also, they clearly said that they would provide us with the money to hire someone to delete the records. It costs 1.28 M won for 35 cases so 1 case is 110 K won. They said that it was way different from what they expected so they will discuss about it among themselves again no?
- The average fee to delete one website link is 110K won. I even gave them a spreadsheet and sent them all the links but... they still said that they will talk about it among themselves and that they will contact us again

Informant and victim
Victim: Are you a genius...? You're an expert at deciphering things
Informant: The date is also before I reported it
- It's from the Nam Seoul Middle SChool
- I wrote that XXX saw someone looking and mocking you
- I wrote that you hated being fat and got a prescription for appetite suppressant
- Seeing the way it is, I think it's enough so it'll be fine
Victim: Aah... I'm embarrassed...

Informant and victim talking, informant is talking
Informant: I'm seriously going crazy
- I talked to the journalist
- I told them to talk to SM and let them know

<Screencap in chat>

- His nuna contacted the journalists separately so I told them not to post any article.
- Don't worry too much
- XX-ah I'm sorry

Informant and victim, victim is talking
Victim: For the psychological treatment and the deletion of the internet records
- When I heard about the fee for hiring someone to delete the internet records
- They said that they would discuss among themselves
- I also wondered "what?"
- They will discuss with SM about the thing that you showed and the cost (????)

Informant and journalist, journalist is talking
Journalist: They said that they want to put an end to it
- The people involved in this incident too
- They didn't say that anything wasn't the truth
- In the official statement too
- They acknowledged all their mistakes and apologized
- And for the pre-existing damages towards the students, they apologized for everythng!
- I wrote it like that. Is it ok?

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1. [+277, -5]
But why is the journalist asking the informant if it's fine? She wasn't the victim in this incident. It feels like the focus is on the informant...

2. [+259, -9]
Just like how Taeyong's nuna wrote him a letter on a radio show, she looks super close with him but is confirming the truth, contacting his classmates and giving Taeyong his classmate's phone number wrong? (T/N: not sure about this part)ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*ck, I'm not even Taeyong but seeing how his nuna is getting hate makes me tear up. People spread his commoner nuna's post on community websites and so many people were cursing at her. They were doing the same verbal abuse that they were condemning so do they have the right to curse at Taeyong? Of course, I'm not saying that Taeyong did nothing wrong but you guys have to differentiate criticism and hate. Please don't touch his nuna. I hope that you guys reflect

3. [+212, -2]
Looks like people are starting to doubt this now. People were watering down this case so hard up until now

4. [+170, -1]
Ah but this is what I feel every time I see the informant... She doesn't care about the victim and keeps on mentioning the incident because she hates Taeyong. Me too I've been a victim of bullying for 5 years so I'm not just saying it. The hurt I received was painful but if someone keeps on mentioning the things I went through, it would be painful too. If people learn about my pain, the people around me will be affected to. They could judge or talk about me so those things too can hurt the victim. But seeing how the informant keeps mentioning it, I wonder if she's aware of her actions? Seeing the comments, they are saying that Taeyong apologized but she's still acting like this?


T/N: the post summarizes the incident so we'll go over the informant's part quickly.

The informant couldn't feel Taeyong's sincerity in his apology and due to the psychological damages that she received from the fans, she demanded to be paid 2x the compensation. She says that Taeyong promised to donate to the victims of school violence, do volunteer work and show reflection. But she doesn't know if the donation and volunteer work have ever been carried out. The informant also says that SM's legal team is currently keeping the memorandum that forbids them to speak about the matter.

She says that Taeyong has never apologized to the other victim (T/N: not the one mentioned in the post above) and only got the victim's address and phone number. She also said that they never took down the internet links that caused her to receive hate comments.

However, SM Entertainment have refuted various claims made by the informant.

In particular, regarding the memorandum, the purpose of the memorandum was to confirm the compensation provided as part of the victim's request and other matters. After explaining that the lawyer was needed for security purposes, they received the consent from the victim and her mother that the memorandum is kept by the lawyer only.

Regarding the donations and volunteer works, SM Ent. officials said that as of April 2016, Taeyong has already met with the victim and have made regular donations every month, visited for struggling students, made food donations and is doing other volunteer works.

Lastly, regarding the deletion of internet records, SM Ent. said that although the informant is not the victim, their legal team has sincerely engaged to give the informant legal advice. In the process, they mentioned hiring someone to delete the internet records but the original post could not be deleted. Since it wasn't the root of the hate comments, they concluded that it was meaningless and the request was rejected. The fact is that they never agreed to fulfill her request.

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1. Ah I don't know anymore

2. So SM did everything they said they would do

3. This is the result of Taeyong + SM + fans 

4. But verbal abuse is verbal abuse...

5. This is so tiring ㅠㅠ

6. What a shame

7. This will follow NCT forever...

8. No but what is the truth?

9. I'm just whatever about this

10. This article is written so weirdly...