Wednesday, June 10, 2020

[analysis men/women] STOP HATING ON KIM GOEUN

When I come on Pann, I always see comments here and there hating on Kim Goeun's looks... Of course, standards of beauty are up to your own taste but I think that it's going beyond the line and now, the hate just seems like personal attack

In real life, if you saw someone like Kim Goeun who's a natural beauty without any obvious surgeries, she would be considered a wall.
You can achieve her harmonious features, white skin, proportions and tall height with makeup and surgery. But Kim Goeun has it all

There's also a famous interview from Park Haejin who said that he couldn't recognize Kim Goeun in real life because she was so pretty. There's also a YouTube video from her hoobae in the acting department at the Korea National University of Arts who said that she stood out the most because of her looks before she debuted.

I find comments hating on her saying how because she has monolids, that you can find her face in real life so severe. All people with monolids don't end up looking like Kim Goeun :)

No matter how many people hate on Kim Goeun here, she's Chanel's model, has her own CFs, film dramas and movies with top male actors and has always been doing well ever since her debut

No matter how many times you say that she looks like a commoner or that she looks ugly, you have zero impact in her career