Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Seems like she went through a lot of debate to write thisㅠㅠ I hope they can get it resolved

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1. She really writes well... I'm feeling emotional reading this

2. He really seems to be hurting, I hope he gets treatment

3. Kanye really met such an amazing personㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope he becomes healthy..

4. To be honest, Kim's image is buried by the fact that everyone thinks she's an attention seeker, but she really shows she changed recently

5. Amazing... Kanye really met an awesome person

6. Kim has always been studying to become a lawyer behind the scenes, but because of her popular image, people think that she's dumb. It's not someone who wrote this post for her, she wrote it herself and she writes eloquently. If you're interested in foreign celebrities or are a fan of Kanye, you would know this about how he has a mental disease. That's why he acts recklessly and people always mock him for being religious or for running for presidency, but if you're a fan of him, you would be worried about him. It's been years we've been trying to tell him to receive treatment. Looking at Kim's post, it seems way more severe than what it looks like. It looks like he's showing more and more symptoms and that he's reluctant to go to the hospital I know that in Hollywood, people are pretty opened about using psycho-alcoholic drugs, I hope that Kim forces him to go to the hospital

7. I really hope he can overcome this

8. Kim Kardashian West..  ㅠㅠ ♡

9. It's so apparent that she loves him so much... I hope that he can get treatment and overcome this..

10. I'm someone who's received so much comfort from Kanye's songs, so I wish that Kanye can receive treatment and win this... Kim too, she must be having it hard, but I really feel like she loves Kanye and her kidsㅠㅠ


To be considered A-list... (T/N: OP says "1st rank)
Their YT views, album sales, etc are much lower than BP and Twice..

But to say that they are B-list..
There is no female idol group that is in the same situation as RV...

I find their position so ambiguous....
What do you guys think?

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B-list, vote down
"Just believe in me and follow me"