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I watched the comparison video with Jennie (This is the one they're referring to, it kinda blew up in Korea and internationally) and it became really obvious that YG shows favoritism over Jennie.
If you don't think so, you can see that they're putting a lot of important on Jennie for Vlives and in variety shows. People have been starting to become fed up with all the favoritism.
One thing for sure is that Jennie is really talented and has a lot of charms compared to other BlackPink members, but definitely not to the point where she's worthy of receiving that favoritism.
I think that kids like Rose deserve way more to be pushed, she's such a hard worker and she also really takes care of her team and the people around her. Jennie is the complete opposite.
When Jennie was doing her Vlive she would say "Congratulate your unnie who wanted her solo debut so bad" it seemed like she really was after her solo debut all the time.
Usually people would prioritize the success of their team over their solo but Jennie seems like she's putting her solo way before the rest of the team.
This time, the best comments under her video was saying how "Before calling yourself the female GD this and that, try to become at least half as good as GD first".
Rose, Jisoo and especially Lisa are always so hardworking in the way they dance and it always feels like the issues from BP arise from Jennie.
They only pushed Jennie during Running man, and didn't even mind Jisoo at all. And it was so obvious that she wanted to have the Sprite commercial for herself.
It's not only an issue with Jennie, but Hyunsuk and YG are the real problems here. Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose stand out more as a group and they look way prettier that way. She's definitely not solo-worthy and she's not worthy to be called the 2nd GD. If you look at someone who had her solo, her unit and her team do well at the same time, you can look at Hyuna who debuted for 11 years already and who always danced with all her energy, while Jennie started slacking off ever since she started her solo promotion.
She can pretend all she wants that she's fixed it, but her personality didn't go anywhere. The fact that she's became lazy and negligent of the people around her and her team promotion makes me scared that she might become the second Sulli.
And seriously Blinks, think a bit about the rest of the group and stop only shielding Jennie. What does it make the rest of the members who are always hardworking in their performances? She's receiving the princess treatment and it's a fact.

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ㅋㅋ |2018.11.26 21:03 신고하기
I don't know if I they caught the winter blues, but when I went to BP's concert, I got so disappointed? It was my first time seeing a concert with artists that didn't have any stage command and didn't react to the audience's cheers.. This is my personal opinion, so don't attack me. I'm a Jennie fan and I was preparing myself to cheer for her, but Jisoo grabbed my attention way more. Made me wish that Jisoo was pushed more...

ㅇㅇ |2018.11.26 08:58 신고하기
I can relate to what you're saying. It's too obvious that YG only pushes Jennie. It's not like the fandom is really big right now, so if they decided to push only one person, she's going to gain more individual fans and the fandom will start to split. Jennie is the type who enjoys being under the spotlight and rather than sharing her spotlight, she seems like someone who wants to bury others' spotlights. I'm a fan of BP but YG is seriously pushing the GD tag on Jennie too much, she's got a ton of hate because of that, it didn't really help her

ㅇㅇ |2018.11.26 20:52 신고하기
At this point, I don't even know if these are NGs or not

ㅓㅓ |2018.11.26 20:43 신고하기
If you look at groups like Twice and BTS, the reason why they've been doing so well for a long time is because they've refused all the offers from their company to promote them individually.....Don't we already know how pushing one person only will always end up with the same consequence... Or is Hyunsuk the only one who doesn't know?

ㅇㅇ |2018.11.27 00:09 신고하기
When I saw those outfits, I was shocked. The other members looked like back dancers. Even the back dancers were dressed like the other members and Jennie was the only one in white;; This was seriously their main outfit,,

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