Wednesday, November 27, 2019


To be honest, I went "huh?" when I first listened to it, but I thought I would listen to it again, and watch the MV at the same time, and it's actually crazy addicting. This is totally an entrance exam banned song (t/n: song you can't listen during your studies for university entrance exams otherwise you would be too distracted because it can't leave your head) it's a f*cking masterpiece
It's my first time hearing a song like that in my whole life
It kinda has that CMB continuation vibe? Am I the only one?
And Kai's outfit is freaking nice. He has a mannequin body and he's a f*cking flower boy mannequin but one that breaths and dances, crazy

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1. [+125, -20]
For real, Kai is crazy and he has a body that can pull off difficult outfits. As expected it's Kai

2. [+95, -20]
For real, the song is freaking amazing and addictive

3. [+94, -18]
I want you I want you want you 

4. [+40, -0]
This is Ring-Ding-Dong level of entrance exam banned song. I feel like the general public will buy that

5. [+35, -0]
At first listen, I was wondering why they put the "I want you" but I know it's SM... I want you I want you want you