Tuesday, September 17, 2019

[enter-talk] MC MONG JOINED SM;;;;;;

Are they crazy?

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1. [+46, -10]
There was an article saying he signed with "Million Market", and I found out later that it's one of SM's label

2. [+42, -38]
SM seriously has lost their touch lately in so many ways, just look at SuperM

3. [+33, -8]
What the? Is SM dumb? He's singing under a label that belongs to SM

4. [+14, -1]
Their fans have a big double standard. When Jun Somi signed under a label that's under YG, they said "She's joining YG " "Even if it's just affiliate, she's YG!" and bullsh*tting, but when it's SM, you guys don't see it?

5. [+14, -4]
This guy is one of SM's investors. So he's joining one of SM's labels, it has nothing to do with promotions and stuff like that. It's the same case as Woollim. If you're dumb, don't say a thing.

6. [+10, -1]
Why is it so difficult to bash SM here??