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T/N: This post is VERRRYYYYY long so we can't really translate everything because of finals TT_TT sorry! So we're just gonna give some rough summary of it!

1. Kai not greeting their sunabes (Bigbang)

People are saying that he was being rude. Of course he did wrong not to greet them, but you can see that he was preparing to greet them (uncross legs and removed his hands from his knees). And even D.O who was seating on the far right didn't get up to greet Bigbang.

2. Kai ignoring Suho's mic

Suho was the first one to ignore Kai's mic so in a later fansign, Kai was just playing around and ignored Suho. It was just a joke so I couldn't understand why it got into a mess.

3. Brushing off Suho

These two gifs were both at the Genie event. And you can clearly tell that they were just joking around.
And this was even on the same day as the Genie show where Suho helped Kai wipe off his sweat.

4. Kai making fun of Suho by copying him

If you watch the actual video, there were fans in front of D.O and Kai who were copying Suho's greeting (he was doing it as fanservice). And on the actual video, Kai turned to Sehun and said "what is hyung doing? this?"

And here, you see that Suho is embarrassed of Chanyeol's fan service too

5. Kai brushing off Suho when he was with Taemin

The "ignoring thing" is just a game that they play together. Later on you can see Kai and Suho playing together and ignoring Baekhyun instead.

During IAC, Kai and Suho were playing together.

"Brushing off" Baekhyun away.

6. Grabbing on Kai

They are always playing together, you can see here that Suho was grabbing unto Kai's collar

That's why later on, Kai was joking back at Suho by grabbing unto his neck.

During their trainee days, Suho broke his leg bone and asked Kai to carry him because they had to go up some stairs in order to go into the practice room. He did that everyday. If they weren't close, would they really do that?
Kai: everyday, he asked me "Jongin-ah, carry me please"
Chanyeol: he really asked that everyday
Suho: (learning towards Kai) and he carried me, did your waist hurt a lot? (asked Kai)

Kai saying that Suho is his mentor

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아로나 |2016.04.05 14:29 
What's funnier is that if you're an Exo-L you already knew all of theseᄏᄏᄏᄏ let's stop making all sorts of weird rumors

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.05 14:04 
Anyways... After one month, they will say that celebrities are pitiful

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.05 14:11 
Here too, Kai was playing with the water fountain and Suho splashed the water on Kai's face as a joke., The two of them always joke around, and they don't have one bit of ill feeling towards each other. It's just the antis that are making a fuss.

진심 |2016.04.05 14:15 
I don't even like Kai but I pity himㅋㅋ

ㅇ |2016.04.05 14:13 
I'm really curious about this.. if you guys are able to date, why can't celebrities do it? You only bash celebrities..

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.05 17:14 
I'm a VIP and the first gif annoys me. There's nothing to fuss about. You EXO akkaes (fan of one member but bash other members), don't bring up Bigbang to bash someone.

ㅉㅉ |2016.04.05 14:07 
Please let's just focus on the truth