Monday, April 20, 2020


My parents all went away so I'm staying alone in my house. My friend was pressing me to go to Hangang (Han River) with her at 10 PM so we ended up driving there by car.

I didn't want to attend the academy on a Sunday night so I made a subtle escape. I only had around 20% battery left on my phone so I found my way to Hangang using my friend's phone. So we went there, ate ramyeon and were looking for wireless bikes to ride.

And then, I saw some guy and girl walking arms in arms together
I didn't really pay any attention to them

There were bikes stationed in front of the E-mart convenience store. If you know Hangang well, you would know what I'm talking about.

And the guy and girl were sitting there.
F*ck, so I looked closely and realized that they were idols. They are idols who are doing pretty well actually ;;;

They don't have black hair so I knew right away who they were
Both of them were idols f*ck...

Even though it was something bad to do, I took a picture with my friend on my low battery phone. Now that I'm charging my phone and am looking at the picture again, I took it pretty wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I seriously kind of want to expose them?
I was thinking about whether I should send it to Dispatch's email. But at the same time, they might not end up exposing them if Dispatch comes with an arrangement with their company... But if I expose them on Twitter, I'm scared that people wills sue me for defamation...

So I decided to just talk about it on Pann.
Sorry if you felt uncomfortable
What should I do about this..?

+ Update)
It's a bit difficult to give you a hint... if anything, I'll just use an egg account (T/N: new account) on Twitter and expose them there. Thanks for all your comments and sorry if I can't answer everyone.

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1. [+292, -14]
No but if you use your commonsense and think of famous idols who can be know right away from their hair color, do you really think it would make sense that they would be hanging out at Hangang at 10 PM? No famous idol who are known by everyone would be walking in the streets arms in arms. Because of Corona right now, just going out would make you get sworn to death, let alone for a date. Do you guys really think that this is real?

2. [+285, -14]
But why would you want to expose them? Do you enjoy exposing other people's private relationships, making celebrities suffer and getting attention..? But at the same time, you're scared of being sued for defamation... I don't understand your mind

3. [+244, 0]
OP, take responsibility for your words...

4. [+101, -5]
Seriously, you sound like those perverted otaku losers... why do you live like that?

5. [+98, -2]
It's not because giving out hints is difficult, it's because you have none since this is fake ^^

6. [+92, 0]
So these are the kids who grow up to become paparazzi... You're awful, you don't even know that you're committing a crime