Monday, December 9, 2019


By "life-time friends", I mean by friends whom you can tell everything to, even the things that you can't tell others. Someone you feel comfortable with as if he/she was a member of your family

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1. [+859, -9]
What is life? It's lonely

2. [+452, -3]
I have none yet and I don't think that I'll ever have one in the future either. I do have friends I'm close with but no one I can share everything with

3. [+213, -1]
There used to be one person but we grew apart

4. [+114, -2]
To be honest, isn't it because the term "life-time friends" is used a lot by teens?

5. [+91, -1]
I think it's better to not use terms like "life-time friends".. people might feel bad about themselves thinking "I only have close friends I can hang out with but why do I have no life-time friends...?"

6. [+49, -2]
My mom

7. [+41, 0]
I'm just someone in her 20's passing by. No matter how close you are with someone and how much you consider them your "family", don't tell all your secrets to them. I do regret a bit now but just look at the couples' secrets you know, they were all shared by their best friends..ㅋ

8. [+39, 0]
I have none