Monday, August 5, 2019


ITZY's Yeji took a step back but he thought that she was falling down so he was trying to catch her... so heart fluttering...

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I was at yesterday's broadcast and I was surprised to see Mingyu doing a 90 degree bow to rookies... when he came to do VeriVery's interview, he bowed 90 degree to all his sides. If not for his clothes, you wouldn't have been able to tell who was the sunbae and who was the hoobae

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Because of his schedule, there are a lot of times where Mingyu has to miss his MC, but seeing his skills improve, how he treats the staffs and the performers for 1 year and 7 months, I understand why he's been an MC for so long. First of all, he's so good at MCing, he covers up the little mischaps here and there well too. He has aegyo towards the staffs and is polite. The way he treats the performers is also jjang. It's also impressive how he familiarizes himself with the come back teams' choreographies. He really doesn't slack off. The jimmy jib's PD-nim said that he had no plans in switching Mingyu out as an MC

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Meanwhile, Yuna is so pretty with her hair down;

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Back then, during an interview with WJSN, it was Luda's turn to talk but they got confused with the order and there was a moment of silence and Mingyu said "Luda-sshi~?" it was f*cking heart fluttering ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

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I f*cking like Kim Mingyu, he's f*cking handsome f*ck

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My heart is fluttering, Kim Mingyu ㅜㅜ

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So heart fluttering... the fact that Yeji is unaware of this is even more heart fluttering


The people who knew about the dating rumors already knew about this. They already have a list of the kids who are dating just in case they have things to cover. Every time a politician has things to hide, they'll release one of the couples. Right now, the UN Nations have found out that North Korea has raked around 2 trillion won in cryptocurrency through cyberhacking, this is what they are trying to cover.
Out of 15 attempts, 10 of them were directed to our country's financial institutions.