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Even for her makeup, they keep giving her full lips every day and it doesn't even suit her, and she's the only one wearing those undies-look-alike outfits, and her skirt it so short
Just look at her covering her clothes, please change Twice's cordi and makeup artist already

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Crazy why are they giving her underwears... 

2. [+117, -4]
No but if this isn't underwear, what is it... The cordi is insane

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The cordi is going overboard... Twice's faces are all pulling this off though 

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Sana's clothes are so weird... Twice's cordi is seriously talentless

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F*ck are they crazy? It looks like some kind of lingerie, this only makes me imagine all the things that'll be said on those male communities

5. [+31, -2]
Every time a member from a group gets into a controversy over dating, they always try to mess with them after... This is just the disgusting truth

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Please tell me realistic tips to marry V without causing any harm while getting more friends. Seriously, I'll try it out. Everyone, you've at least tried thinking about marrying your bias once right? Me too, I'm one of these common people. Please don't view me as some kind of freak.

Also, Kim Taehyung, I love you so much. Please someone, let him know.

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There's a song named "Stress" that Taeyeon released
and the lyrics goes "You got my smoking cigarette" and whenever she does this part of the performance, the fans just scream their lungs out
Every time she does it, she always changes the details of the gesture

2020 version

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They are the same age as me but earn f*cking lot of money, get their makeup professionally done, get to wear pretty clothes, but above all, they receive infinite love from their fans...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ of course, they have sasaengs too and if it gets severe, they will have a hard time but during their birthdays, so many people congratulate them, people always want to give them more, when they learn about new places or good songs, they get to share it with everyone. No matter what the celebrity does, people always like it. Seriously, they receive such a tremendous amount of love...ㅠㅠㅠ I'm so jealous that they always will have people standing firmly by their sidesㅠㅠㅠ

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This is only what we know from a small amount of celebrities. It's not easy for celebrities to hit big

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But they also need to watch what they say, what they do and their basic private life get f*cking exposed...

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I can see how immature you are from this post... Celebrities get bashed so much for their appearance and get judged by countless anonymous accounts. They get dragged and bashed for any small thing and because of that, they must be under so much psychological stress. You are only jealous of what you see on the outside

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To be honest, I am more jealous of YouTubers than celebrities. They only make videos when they want to, do what they want to do and get so much money for it. The celebrities at least have to invest their childhood into it while it doesn't seem to be the case for YouTubers

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What "fans standing firmly next to them"? The fans will become the scariest when they make one bad move

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But after seeing hate posts that are crossing the line about Jennie and Jang Wonyoung here on Pann when they did nothing wrong, I changed my mind


T/N: She recently got into a scandal for allegedly mistreating her employees (throwing pens on their heads, having mood swings, being abusive, etc.). Her company is also said to have a 91% turnover rate.

(T/N: OP is someone who claims to be from the same school as her)
Text in red: During Ulzzang Generation (TV show), there was a question about forcefully taking money from someone and you replied that you were gonna repay the money you owed and asked people to leave their account number and money sum in the comments in your Cyworld? [...] But you didn't borrow money from me. You stole it. You didn't do it just once or twice. You would crash into other kids' shoulders when they walked past you in the corridors and make fun of them. Because of you, I got ridiculed by other people too? Because you and your friends would smoke in the elementary school near our school, I had to stop my mom from going to the gym at that elementary school. I went to the karaoke once and was shocked because you guys smoking in the karaoke room so I was just looking, but you cursed at me asking me what I was looking at and I still remember the swears you told me then. [...]

I think that it's fine if I don't hide her ID
If you go to that person's Instagram, he/she has proofs too
I thought that Haneul was just fooling around a bit during school days but it's way worse than I thought..

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The person directly involved contacted him/herㅋ

"This post spread faster than I thought.. The person directly involved contacted me and we are currently discussing it. I will take down the post now."

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Crazy, her image cleaning is solidㅋㅋ

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For real, she just cleaned herself upㅋㅋ how can a person be like that?

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This is Tmi but Haneul used to live in Ansan and Haneul went to a middle school that not a lot of people attended and was in a remote area, it was almost at the end border of Ansan..ㅇㅇ it feels like maybe this person is talking about all the time she spent at that school since I lived in Ansan so I know. There are still bad rumors about the kids from the school Haneul attended. I'm just writing this in case some people suspect this as being fake. I know the name of the school that Haneul attended but if you don't believe me, just don't. I'll write a time in the reply and leave the name of the school for 1 minute at the time mentioned, I'll erase it after. Even if I just write the initials, people would know
>It's BY (ㅂㅇ) school

5. [+36, -3]
When YouTuber Saebyeok was fighting cancer, she said that she would cry every time she woke up to her hair shedding on her pillow so Haneulie gifted her a black pillow. She said that since she couldn't see her hair as well, she didn't cry anymore so at that time, I thought "Haneul is so kind...." I'm seriously so disappointed in her. It makes me think that when people thoroughly pretends to be kind, it really won't be obvious


He turned his image for the best with his song challenge and was able to make it easier for people to listen to his song. Furthermore, he's using famous singers (not his hip hop crew's friends who are actually close with him, but people who can give him an innocent image) and filming videos with him, so everyone started doing it spontaneously to get on that 'insider' wave (T/N: insider = have lots of friends/sociable). He's f*cking smartㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Zico's new song has now became a "challenge song" and now the people will just remember Zico with the dance challenge image. Zico had that "golden phone" scandal but it all got buried because of this challenge. Especially seeing how commoners even upload this song on their Insta stories, it really make me think that Zico is so smartㅋㅋㅋ everyone wants to become each other's re-gram so there are a lot of people uploading it on their stories. So I guess that it'll become an awesome viral marketing strategy?...~

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Agree, even his styling nowadays looks innocent

2. [+352, -33]
It gave him so much shieldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Zico = representative friend of Jung Joonyoung

3. [+320, -39]
But nowadays, people need to be clever to succeed..

4. [+154, -4]
Uhm... I watched Zico's broadcast back then.. was it on Radio Star? He said that his ideal type was a girl with thick thighs that rub against each other making a 'tak tak' sound. And he even explain it while gesturing with his hands. Ever since I saw that, I couldn't trust him

5. [+150, -135]
Nowadays, rather than songs that can be made into memes doing well, I think that he reads the trends well. That's also a talent

6. [142, -15]
I'm writing this since it's anonymous but I'm a fan of Zico and to be honest, what you're saying is true,,, He's so f*cking smart and it's f*cking clever how he thought of a way of turning his song into a challenge. If you word it badly, it's true that he's "manipulative";; His image is currently bad but if he manages to cover it up, only the muggles will be attacking him.  Even as a fan, I don't know if he looked at it or not but even if I don't curse him, I have never shielded him.. His albums were going more or less well during the scandal+a bit before so I thought that they would just do average this time too. But I do feel relieved that it's doing so well this time