Friday, July 17, 2020


Lee Taeyong,
I'm not even a Tyongpeu (TY fan) but a Jaepeu (JH fan), but Tyongpeu are f*cking amazing. For years, SM didn't give their official stance and there have only been overblown facts about him, and Taeyong was just receiving all the swears coming at him, yet the fans never quit the fandom and believed in him. They're the real core

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1. [+117, -7]
Tyongpeu and Taeyong who treasured the NCTzens all did a good job. Taeyeon has always said this, that we're a blessing and that he's thankful, Taeyeong said that understanding comes before resentment and that people around comes before him, he's always been humble and he's resolute to give a better future by looking at the past... That's why I want to be like Taeyong, every word that I say is for Taeyong and taking it further, for NCT. Let's not say bad things, people who have been looking at us will all know 

2. [+109, -9]
I used to be someone who didn't care about idols, but I was kind of interested in him because of Kick It and he looked so pretty and he's good at his job, I was just amazed at how he was so wrongfully accused that I became a core fan because of that. I started gathering PDFs and reporting articles, I lived doing everything I could for him.. I really want to buy a meal for the Tyongpeu that's been there for so longㅠㅠ

3. [+59, -2]
He doesn't want to be praised please just leave him alone (t/n: kind of saying he's getting emotional from the support)

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Taeyong isn't my fan but I still believed in him strangely? When PANN was going crazy over him, everyone was picking at Taeyong so much to the point I thought I was abnormal, but it didn't bother me because I saw the image that Yongie was giving to NCTzens and he's just a fluffy innocent bean. The fact that he does everything for the fans, the way he treats the fans and the members just makes you realize how innocent this kid is. That's the image that was revealed. I'm so happy that this is his occasion to become even more amazing

5. [+40, -2]
I entered the fandom through another member, and I'm a Haepeu (HC fan) but my heard has always had a place for our leaderㅜㅜ I can't imagine NCT without Taeyong as the leaderㅠㅠ