Friday, November 4, 2016


I just wanna share my experience at a got7 concert about youngjae! Youngjae isn't the most popular member in got7. I remember cheers for him wasn't as loud and he didn't have as many banners as compared to other members. T.T
I'm not a stan of any member and I like all members. Everyone was focused on other members talking but I kept looking at youngjae. He struggled with English but never gave up. He spoke with confidence and I can tell he tried his best to make us understand what he said. When a fan threw a phone on stage, he exclaimed in English, "NO NO NO PHONE. EXPENSIVE!!!" His English was so cute! We made eye contact and he waved at me like a little kid! T.T and I waved back at him! From then he kept looking at my way and smiling all the way. He gave the most fan service and kept waving to all directions (up down left right and repeat it again and again!) Before he left, he waved at me again and gave a heart. I'm 5 years older than him and I just wanna keep him in my pocket! He's a sweet kid, please support our sunshine more! It's sad he's not as popular as other members. He deserves more love and cheers from fans too! <3 Included picture of him waving! :)