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I found these in the comments of NCT's post

EXO's logo 

The one on the left is the original work, the right side is EXO's teaser that is receiving suspicions of plagiarism (the picture is from Erik Soderberg) 

A Swedish designer claims that the popular boy group EXO was plagiarizing him causing a controversy.

Swedish graphic designer Erik Soderberg recently revealed through his blog that EXO's teaser video plagiarized the work of three graphic designers, including himself.

He said, "Please be aware that some of the motion graphics art pieces in the video "EXO 2015 COMING SOON" were used without permission from the original artists."

Earlier, on December 3rd of last year, SM Entertainment released the comeback preview video 'Exo 2015 Coming Soon' through its official YouTube channel, Facebook, and SM Town channel. However, the video cannot be played at this time, and there is a notice saying that the video cannot be viewed anymore due to a copyright infringement reported by

Shinee's album photoshoot plagiarism controversy about the "concept"

On the 18th, a netizen raised suspicion of plagiarism, saying that SHINee's mini-album photoshoot, which was released on the official website, and Luke Warrell (20), a model, in the March issue of the British fashion magazin e'Dazed and Confused', are similar.

In the photos, both SHINee and Luke Warrell are wearing goggles and headpieces with plastic trinkets reminiscent of “Mazinger Z” on their foreheads. It is pointed out that not only these fashion accessories, but also the entire atmosphere of the photoshoot was plagiarized.

SNSD outfits

"Was SNSD's outfits during Gayo Daejun supposed to be an homage to Dolce & Gabbana?"
"Of course it's an homage.. I never even saw the clothes in real life, so how can I copy it... I liked the vibe of the clothes so much so I thought it would've looked pretty, so I went with this concept with the hair and makeup too.... If people think they're that similar to call it a "copy" then I and the team, who have worked through all nighters sewing each thread over this to make it as luxurious as possible, can consider it a praise? Until D&G can one day sponsor outfits like pop stars~~~ <3"

There were too much, just go in this link to read:

"SM Red velvet outfits unauthorized use" foreign designer raise suspicions

Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi logo raise talks about looking like Chanel and Joseph & Stacey

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1. Can they consider buying the actual clothing already?... It's not like they don't have the money 

2. Soshi's outfit was the legend...?? Legend in having no tact... They could've just bought it 

3. That's quite severe

4. ㅋㅋ  They're doing that, meanwhile their fans go around claiming that every other idols are copying them ㅋㅋㅋ  Tsk tsk 

5. This is a bit... It's not only once or twice, I feel like every time they come out, they get accused of plagiarism 

6. Whenever I see posts with people shielding SM, I always thought that the fans are taking us as fools. But now I realize that it's not because they think we're fools, they know clearly well that we're not fools, but even so, they're ready to shield SM and even make up lies about it. 

7. Everything else aside, the clothing similarity is the most problematic. If the artists want to wear it, they can just buy those directly from the brand. Why would they plagiarize? The person who decided to do that is problematic 

8. The problem is that they claim they're not copying any clothes or concept

9. Yet EXO fans claim that they're so proud of EXO's logo.. Gasp 

10. It reminds me of Soshi's fandom claiming that Twice copied themㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  They got so much hate from wearing the cheerleading outfits... Twice were the pitiful ones;; 


"NCT's album teaser was basically Sunnei's 2020 s/s campaign...?!
If you look at Sunnei's "I hate fashion" outfit, they basically copied the whole thing, should I consider this a reference? Or a copy?"

Is this supposed to be plagiarized or a homage?
I'm not sure yet, but people in other sites are calling this plagiarism 
but for now, I'm just going to call this plagiarism suspicions

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1. SM has too many fans so this will just get buriedㅋㅋㅋ  they're always making a fuss over other idols copying them and bullsh*tting around, but whenever SM is the one plagiarizing, they call it a homageㅋㅋㅋ

2. Must be so easy to work there, they don't have any tact eitherㅋㅋ

3. The clothing is one thing, but is the concept also from the cordi? Rather than the outfit, it's the concept of the photo that's the main issue here. Why are those cordis like that 

4. Ah isn't this too much?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  They could've done the bare minimum to make it a bit different, do they never put any effort?

5. So many talks about SM plagiarism lately... I'm an SM fan and I hope the company starts paying more attention nowㅠㅜ

6. So many people here have no idea what an homage is and claim everything is an homage. Homage isn't something that anyone can do, it's supposed to be showing your respect towards a big brand. That's why Old Boy's action scenes are considered an homage to Kingsman action scenes

7. There's a fine line between a reference and plagiarism, they have no tact
8. To be honest, this is blatant 

9. This is 100% plagiarism though? What's up with people claiming it's just a reference or a homage? You're pissing off people even more because you're trying to shield this 

10. This is way too similar 



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1. Let's have fun with part 2 too 

2. It looks like those doll displayers.. 

3. The more I look at Shotaro, the cuter he gets

4. I just... Love Jungwoo 🐶💚💚 I'll look forward to your promotions

5. Jungwoo's face is winning here

6. Jungwoo-yah I love you 

7. They all look like dolls, so pretty 

8. F*ck you call this sincerity? 

9. Jisung and Renjun's outfits are cute, Kun, Winwin, Taeil and Xiaojun are pulling their difficult outfits just fine 

10. They're all handsome, but they would've been even more handsome with handsome clothings