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(t/n: We will paraphrase some parts that are irrelevant) 

I couldn't make any sense of it so I'm writing this post
I'm an adult who has taken an interest in this case and who have been following it 
So please don't treat me like a kid who simply isn't agreeing with your opinion. 

Do you guys really think that the exposer wants to do all this 'to receive an apology for her dongsaeng"?
If you looked at the reports so far, it doesn't seem like she's doing this for her dongsaeng who is the victim but that she's simply enjoying this with her actions. 
It seems like she just wants to send [Soojin] to the ground floor. 
I have seen everything that was written on Pann. 

In [IG] stories posted on her personal account, there are no proofs, her sources were inaccurate, and kept reinforcing her opinion through leaving her comments on PANN 
Why isn't she answering any questions that were being raised (regarding the fact that they swore at each other during the phone conversation during the time of the assault, that she went all the way to the school to look for her, etc.. she omitted all that (t/n: there's no subject in the sentence, so I'm not sure who is who in this sentence)) during her IG live and keep changing her stance on her IG?

Does she think she's free to do anything she can since that's her own account? 
Her IG ID was revealed and she kept posting screenshots from community posts on her IG story, it's not like she doesn't know that fans and people invested in the case are all following her either. 
Doesn't she know that she's now at the position where she can easily influence how this case will unfold? I wouldn't have said anything had she never revealed her account ID or didn't receive that many followers. 

"Why would I run away? Looks like you're here to write comments like "you deleted your account again" because I removed my account... Damn you're amazing. I didn't delete my account because I thought it would become problematic. I just deleted for a little moment"
She was in a situation where she couldn't answer any of the raised questions and the media started to turn negative, what would people think if she disactivated her account that she used to expose [Soojin] at this time? Whether she deleted her account or disactivated for a while, it's the same as saying that everything she said until now shouldn't be used for/against her. Does she want us to believe that she's simply a commoner using her account as they want? Isn't it fair to think that she's avoiding selective clarification?

Is she still unaware now? That whatever she chooses to do, it's not only Soojin and the media that will be impacted, but everyone who is feeding from this case in the entertainment industry, everyone will be impacted. 
I'm someone who works for the media so I know this quite well. If you want to be sure of your shot, you cannot leave any evidence out. 
You have to even more careful if you want to expose someone. 

And you were claiming we had plenty of articles that are wrong now? 
If you're this confident, then please tell me what were the lies and what were the truth.

Soojin was indiscriminately stigmatized as a perpetrator after bein exposed in the midst of public opinions, with swearing at the level of blasphemy, sexual harassment as well as other swear words that cannot even be spoken. Can you guys even bare with this level of hate yourself?

Regarding Soojin's allegations, they were all presented without any proofs, and they kept being thrown in the fire one after the other. Why isn't the exposer addressing any of the speculations such as the question raised about home schooling (t/n: Soojin allegedly was home schooled, but A didn't mention it) ? 

I'm definitely not saying that Soojin isn't in the wrong 
and I believe that she needs to be punished if she's in the wrong 
but does the exposer really thinks that her execution has been flawless so far? 
Please tell us which parts were misunderstood and which parts were true. 
The more questions the 3rd party has, the more you try to avoid these questions and the more the situation is becoming uncontrollable. 

Here's another thing 
Someone who keeps changing their claims, and who keeps sneakily deleting their things
And someone who is consistent on not remembering what happened
It's difficult for me to understand why the former is seen as more reliable 

Those are the things that you need to clarify: 

1. In the first exposing post, why were the victim's words and the exposer's words different regarding the juice incident?
From the beginning, the unnie recognized that Soojin and her dongsaeng both tried to distance themselves away from each other (?) but the dongsaeng came out and said that it was just something that was embellished, so tell me why is there a discrepancy between these statements. The juice comment isn't that much of a deal, but they made her look so guilty with the way they embellished the story. 

What she claimed was that they called each other and left out when they said "if you don't come see me at school, I'll kill you", they media played by unilaterally making Soojin look like she was the only one swearing in the phone call --> If the lie continues to intensify, only lies will remain at this point. 
Exposer, no matter how this situation unfolds, if you haven't experienced the situation directly, you will still remain a 3rd party. 

2. When things started getting unfavorable for you, you suddenly started to sue others. If you're going to refute everything on Pann and in your stories right now, why isn't any of Soojin's articles being changed? These aren't the facts, in fact you're simply trying to send her to hell and you're wishing her to receive even more hate. Is this the behavior of someone who is only seeking an apology? 

Look at all the articles about Soojin right now. It would be strange that somebody wouldn't panic seeing something like that. Calling Soojin a hooker, pulverized face, etc. There are no sound criticism against her. In a situation right now where there are no straight evidence, and so many holes, do you think that there's a reason to receive such blasphemy? 

3. Regarding your IG live, if you felt this wronged, then use some voice distorter and cover your screen and just reveal everything. 
I work in video media, so if you need it, I'll help you 

4. You wrote in your IG Story "There are a lot of wrong things and mistakes that were revealed" and then telling fans behind their backs that you never mentioned home schooling. You enjoy bringing the attention to Soojin being the perpetrator. In the midst of all these accusations, if you want to persuade people, you need to correct the misinterpretations. Please correct the parts that were reported wrongly in Soojin's articles. 

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1. [+236, -32]
The exposer should stop with her selective clarification too. She said that there's no reason for her to explain something but for Soojin's side, this one word can change her whole life. That's the issue here. Also, is Soojin's apology what they really want? From what I see, I can only see that they want to ruin her life..

2. [+211, -28]
Up until now, it's true that she hasn't taken vigorous action into correcting Soojin's rumors/exaggerated articles but seeing the exposer bringing up the suspicions made about her on her Insta live and talking about suing people is a bit.... Also, why is the category of what they consider "second assailant" so wide? It's valid that they sue people who are cursing and slandering the exposer. But suing people over suspicions made about her will just shut down people even more no? I think that it's right that she clarifies things if they were distorted and I'm wondering, if it's not too difficult, if she can go on Insta live, cover the screen and distort her voice and give us an explanation. Saying aimlessly that she will sue everyone is no different than a company saying that they will take strong legal actions.

3. [+183, -19]
She was clarifying everything up until now so why isn't she clarifying her Insta live controversy? The people who watched it are all saying different things so please release a statement

4. [+97, -5]
Hello, this is OP. I have one other thing to ask the unnie. You said that your dongsaeng was receiving treatment for thrombocytopenia (TCP). You said yourself saying that this disease was caused by "the school violence" and I read it with my own 2 eyes. But with respect to TCP, since it is a "blood and immunity" disease and an autoimmune disease, there is no medical evidence that it can develop into stress even if the causes can vary. Do you admit that you used the disease to trigger people with emotional appeals? Even if the causes vary, can you exaggerate the facts and mislead people without a certification from the medical staff? Where is the diagnosis that TCP is caused by stress from school violence? (OP linked a research from MSD about the disease). It was written for the general public, so you'll know if you go in the link right away. Asan Medical Center in Seoul also easily explains medical complications about TCP. Talking about diseases is a sensitive issue. It is difficult for me not to see that you used this disease to appeal to people emotionally.

5. [+93, -1]
This is something that can ruin someone's life, so it's important that we know the clear clarifications...If I said something like that before I would've been treated like a stuck upㅋㅋ that's so depressing 



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