Sunday, February 23, 2020


Seeing how B.I donated recently made me think... How far can they still redeem themselves?
If a celebrity commits a crime
vote up - you can redeem yourself
vote down - you can't redeem yourself

1. Drunk driving Jang Yongjun, Seo Janghoon, etc.
2. Gambling Lee Soogeun, Yang Sehyung, etc.
3. Drug Shin Dongyub, Joo Jihoon, etc.
4. Draft evasion Steven Yeun..?
5. Tax evasion Song Hyegyo, etc. (Kang Hodong says he didn't)
6. Sexual assault Lee Soo, Lee Kyungyoung, etc.
7. School violence Yang Hongwon, etc.

There are also the 4 greats kinds of celebrity criminals (Seungri, Jung Joonyoung, Go Youngwook, etc. aside from those legends) how much can a celebrity who committed a crime be forgiven?

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1. [+283, -35]
Crimes that harms others (assault, tax evasion, car accident) are totally inexcusable. Crimes that only affects themselves (drugs, gambling) should be punished by the law, and as long as they reflect, I think it's okay 

2. [+227, -6]
But all of them are living well so this is really pointless.... Eun Jiwon already got caught drunk driving twice but you guys still f*cking fangirl on him right? 

3. [+132, -8]
But there are f*cking lots of people fangirling on GD and Shin Dongyub... Didn't Shin Dongyub even receive a Daesang 2 years ago??

4. [+57, -0]
I can only tolerate gambling since it only affects themselvesㅋㅋㅋ  But stuff like sexual assaults and drunk driving, I seriously hate those

5. [+55, -21]
B.I donated 100K masks... If you consider 100K masks, that would be 250 million won;;; That's crazy;; 


For me it has to do with NASA
You guys have all heard about NASA in the US trying to cover up for the mysteries of the universe right?!
There's this guy called Gary McKinnon who hacked into NASA's computer files
And said he'd reveal all the information and pictures he found

After that, during an interview he said he saw names of people who aren't from Earth but another planet and said
"NASA is conducting work that people can't even imagine of right now"
Q: Nothing like UFOs or aliens?
A: Those are the things you can imagine
And the last thing he said was even more goosebumps inducing...
He said that aside from the pictures, NASA is trying to hide other things
He said that NASA isn't a group of scientists who are studying the mysteries of the universe, rather it's an organization that's trying to hide and cover up their secrets

Those are the pictures that Gary McKinnon revealed: