Saturday, May 1, 2021


If she's good at dancing, she should stick to that. Rapping is really not for her

In the featured post, it seems like they are saying that because of her tone, they keep making her rap. But there were comments saying how the tone was the most important thing in rapping but so what if her tone is good? Her diction is bad and her rap doesn't sound like rap either. Her tone is good but her rap skills are not on par so it's just cringey. It's because they only gave her cringey rap parts up until now that it's not that obvious. To be honest, even SM's artists' rapping isn't that bad.

She never showed her rapping off stage either and her company is not forcing her to do it either. This time, everyone is hating on the rap parts so it seems like it can't be covered anymore. Please, if you're gonna praise her, talk about her dancing instead. Don't talk about her rapping. This is seriously not it..

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1. [+371, -100]
In all of the big 3, aside from YG, they should just not make them rap. I'm dying of embarrassment

2. [+205, -38]
She's not good. Look at the other female rappers. Seriously, aside from her tone, there's not one good thing about it

3. [+149, -182]
Looking at how there are illogical hate posts about Ryujin now, she will do even better ㅎㅎ her personal views on her fancam are also doing well this timeㅎㅎ

4. [+78, -8]
Ryujin's dancing is already famous for being on par with a main dancer's skills. From being a visual member to being stable live to being a famous member, what more do you want from her?ㅋㅋ

5. [+68, 04]
I've never seen Midzys claiming that Shin Ryujin was good at rapping. We've never praised her for that. You're the only one shadowboxing on your own;

6. [+61, -5]
Huh? Who said that..?

7. [+45, -5]
I've never seen fans write business posts claiming that Ryujin was good at rapping ㅋㅋㅋ Ryujin's rap tone is more in the baritone level compared to other raps. Looks like you just wanted to hate on her when writing thisㅋㅋ