Tuesday, June 16, 2020


"They would feel lke they are just a frog in a well", "He might feel the relative deprivation" he said that while mentioning why he didn't suggest their own group's song with the same title as ONF when asked for it
t/n1: a member of ONF asked HS for a song recommendation while recommending him "Asteroid", Pentagon also has a song called Asteroid, but HS said that he didn't want ONF's member to feel "relatively deprived" if he found that another group's song with the same title was 'also as good as their own", comparing to feeling like a frog in a well)
t/n2: frog in a well is a Korean expression that means the same as "big fish in a small pond", meaning someone who has a narrow view, here HS might be insinuating that ONF's member probably thinks their "Asteroid" song is the best, only because he doesn't know about Pentagon's "Asteroid"

original tweet:  https://twitter.com/Plz_eee2/status/1272598220892332034?s=20