Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Usually people are envious of idols because they earn a lot, but you think that's it? Am I the only one who is envious of so many things? 

For shooting or concerts, idols have so many opportunities to travel overseas. I'm even more envious of them because of that 

Every time I look at female idols' IG I think of this.. How the background behind them is so pretty and to think that they earn enough to travel like that makes me so jealous 

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1. [+157, -2]
I'm just envious of this one thing, that they're able to live such a non frugal life. People are envious of the money they make, of course me too I'm envious of their money, but they're able to spend the happiest time of their lives so extravagantly and make memories like that make me so envious

2. [+134, -4]
I'm most envious about the fact that they don't get f*cked over by exams and are still living fine f*ck

3. [+108, -2]
For me it's concerts... Thousands of people who love me standing in front of me while I'm performing for them, imagine how happy you must be. I kinda sympathize how some idols when they're being lifted up on stage and they start cryingㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

4. [+44, -0]
I'm envious of the fact that they can get expensive and pretty makeup from those Cheongdam make up shops everyday.. 

5. [+35, -3]
I'm so envious of Jang Wonyoung being able to shoot in LA at such a young age..ㅋㅋ  Jang Wonyoung said in an interview that her trip to LA was the most fun