Tuesday, June 25, 2019

[enter-talk] YERI'S WORDS

During the Inkigayo live broadcast
Yeri received a question asking her whether she wanted to go back to Law of Jungle
and whether she wanted to send any members there


Hi PC-tizens!
We did this during last Produce 101 season 2 when the show reached top 30 and let the readers pick their own top 11 (it's all for fun!) so we decided to do it once again this year!

Here is last year's result: here

Deadline: July 28th

Who is your Produce X pick?

Kim Wooseok
Lee Jinhyuk
Kim Yohan
Song Hyungjoon
Goo Jungmo
Lee Eungang
Nam Dohyun
Lee Jinwoo
Han Seungwoo
Kim Mingyu
Son Dongpyo
Song Yuvin
Cha Junho
Ham Wonjin
Lee Hangyul
Choi Byungchan
Cho Seungyoun
Hwang Yunseong
Geum Dohyun
Kang Hyunsoo
Lee Sejin
Kim Gukheon
Kang Minhee
Kim Sihoon
Kim Hyunbin
Lee Hyeop
Park Seonho
Choi Suhwan
Joo Changwook
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