Thursday, January 30, 2020


Even for her makeup, they keep giving her full lips every day and it doesn't even suit her, and she's the only one wearing those undies-look-alike outfits, and her skirt it so short
Just look at her covering her clothes, please change Twice's cordi and makeup artist already

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1. [+174, -5]
Crazy why are they giving her underwears... 

2. [+117, -4]
No but if this isn't underwear, what is it... The cordi is insane

3. [+73, -5]
The cordi is going overboard... Twice's faces are all pulling this off though 

4. [+42, -0]
Sana's clothes are so weird... Twice's cordi is seriously talentless

5. [+42, -1]
F*ck are they crazy? It looks like some kind of lingerie, this only makes me imagine all the things that'll be said on those male communities

5. [+31, -2]
Every time a member from a group gets into a controversy over dating, they always try to mess with them after... This is just the disgusting truth