Wednesday, November 1, 2017


1. They don’t get attached to anything.
They’re just my-way, even though other people are starring at them, they just focus on doing their things and don’t look back.. It’s not that they hate other people, it’s just that they don’t bother worrying about them. They just think about doing their things and don’t fuss over others. It’s not like they’re pretending they don’t care, they actually don’t care

2. They’re quick-witted. -> But there’s barely anything controversial about them!

3. Even though someone hates them, they don’t get bothered.
They’re also those saints who, even though they get hurt, they won’t do anything back. That’s how people with self confidence are.. Even people whose words are like recklessly wrong can’t penetrate people who are confident. Because they just have high self-esteem. They don’t get swayed even though people hate them. Because they don’t care to such an extent, people who hate on them give up on hating because they have no attention. People who hate them actually want to receive the hate back and wish for them to get swayed, but instead, they’re the ones who are swayed.

4. They don’t do anything in the intention to harm others.
They have high self-control. They don’t do anything that would hurt others intentionally. That’s why they don’t manipulate anyone. Even if other people refuse them, they don’t get hurt and just move on.

5. They’re secretive. 
The people who are close to them would know, but for the things that are deep within them and things that can make situations too delicate, they rather keep it for themselves. If there’s a secret that’s too heavy to carry, they are the right people to confess to

6. They’re homebodies
They don’t care if they’re just alone. They never feel alone. They know how it is to feel alone..? But they don’t feel lonely, they like being alone. It’s not that they hate going out, but they play well just being with themselves