Friday, January 29, 2021


It looks like they will stick to the name "Baby Monster" and go with it. I don't understand why they would thoughㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, seeing how YG made a practice room just for them, they will for sure be debuting this year! After YG moved their company, they made a practice room for each one of their singers. The trainees are using another training room and according to the news, Bigbang and Blackpink's rooms are a bit bigger and they stuck 2 rooms together. I don't really know about the other singers. Treasure said that they were visiting the new company. I'm curious about when Baby Monster will debut


 Hello, this is Konnect Entertainment.

We are always deeply grateful for the continued interest and love of our fans of Konnect Entertainment artist Kang Daniel.

As you may know, our company is running the Clean Internet Center in cooperation with Liwu Law Firm to cope with malicious postings on-line about our artist Kang Daniel.

Through cooperation with the Clean Internet Center, we have been constantly taking measures such as warnings and requests for deletion by closely monitoring malicious posts.

In the meantime, cases that have been flagged for defamation and insult are also thoroughly investigated by each investigative agency in the jurisdiction where suspects were identified.

After the endless efforts from the artist and the company and the rigorous investigation of the investigative agency, legal actions have been taken against the perpetrators who were recently caught.

Furthermore, we are taking all necessary legal actions according to the severity of every hate comments. Liability for damages is no exception.

This was possible because all of the fans' interest in the cause. 

In addition, we are pleased to inform you that we have filed a sixth complaint to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on January 29, 2021, against hate commenters who are especially difficult to condone.

We plan to hold them legally liable until the end. 

We will continue to monitor regularly until we eradicate all hate comments. 

We ask for the fans for your interest and support. 

Thank you

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1. I was always curious about the reason why people hate on celebrities so much? They're not being a burden to their own lives and they're not impeding the celebrities they like to succeed either? I feel like it's such a pitiful thing to do 

2. Wow the 6th round of suing, the company must be working so well. Let's grab all the hate commenters

3. Konnect works so well!!! Let's ruin the lives of those hate commentors!

4. Can you guys stop tormenting the guy? What do you gain from living like this? 

5. I bet that even suing notices like that wouldn't convince them to stop, let's just sue them to ruin their lives

6. I'm jealous 

7. I bet they're always monitoring, but doing this ahead of his comeback is the best

8. I like that they're always working with Liwu to sue those hate comments, and doing this before the comeback is ncie too 

9. Wow Lee Seunggi and Lee Minho also work with Liwu for hate commenters, I support them suing all hate comments against celebrities

10. I'm not a Kang Daniel fan, but fighting!!