Sunday, March 8, 2015


the people who saw her in real life, please tell me
I had a couple of female idols' GIFs so I got curious
(if I only look at her photo, she kinda looks arrogant and cold but she's cute too)

celebrities are so far away from me so I can't really see them
hence, I can't really tell if there's a difference between the GIFs and real lifeㅋㅋ..

[life stories] MY EYES ARE TOO SMALL..ㅠㅠ

my eyes are small..ㅠ it's really small.
I'm satisfied about my body overall? but my eyes are way too small
people always say stuff like "how it must be so annoying" 
for the first impressions, I always fall behind the other kids who have big and bright looking eyes..ㅠ

first of all, I'm going to show you how small they areㅠㅠ

[working couple stories] HUBBY, I'M LIVING BECAUSE OF YOU

we are a married couple with a 9 years and 9 months kids

we married early so it's not like we had the second kid in my late years

but I feel like I had a kid in my late years (T/N: she's too old to be having kids)...;;;

anyways, child-care has become harder than ever..

but even so, I'm able to live with a smile on my face

all thanks to my rabbit-like kids 

and wolf-like husband.

(T/N: she doesn't say if her kids are guys or girls, but let's assume they are guys for easier translation ^^)

hubby: how is XX?
me: it's a bit better, I went to the hospital and came back
hubby: what about YY? his nose congestion
me: his nose won't stop running, it became worse
hubby: ㅜㅜ I slept for 4 hoursㅜㅜ
me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ sorry, I'm just a bit tired and annoyed

hubby: if it's like that, leave it to me. I'm here for you, you know
me: *_*

because my kid had nasal congestion, he couldn't sleep and kept sniffling

my hubby didn't sleep either but still went to work

he slept with the oldest kid together in the big bedroom

he was sniffling for all week long so I couldn't sleep either 

*anger explosion*.

to handle my anger, my hubby immediately hugged him and put him to sleep ..

seriously, I've only been able to sleep in intervals of 1 hours, I'm going crazy..ㅜㅜ

because the older child sleeps early, I can't sleep..

anyways I feel kinda sorry for the hard days..

but I send a lot of katalks to my husband..ㅜㅜ

and he's handling everything I'm blessedㅜㅜ

I'm really grateful I'm able to live like that.

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음 |2015.03.06 11:42
normally I don't wanna get married because of all the problems and I might end up filling a divorce, but when I read stuff like that, it makes me want to marry. I feel like it's not easy to stay devoted to your husband after marriage, I'm envious. from now on, live happily with your pretty kids~~^^0
하하 |2015.03.06 11:37
my husband ㅜㅜ if I say "honey, I wanna hear your voice. " he just reads it, but when I say "call me right now!!" he calls me within 2 seconds. when I;m in a good mood but I'm lazy, I think to myself 'when I'm a bit more free later, I'll call him'. if I send him an urgent message and he doesn't call me, I would be so angry, every time I call him, I have to make it serious but I wished he was more proactiveㅠ I can hardly be kind to him but it can't be helped. ㅠㅠ my husband is turning an angel(?) into a devil ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

와우 |2015.03.06 20:18
me too, I have a blessed husband, when I'm reading stuff like that, I wanna do that too and live a life where you forgive each other. isn't it true that to be a good wife, will bring you a good husband, and to be a good husband will bring you a good wife. I can see from the post that you have a nice husband, I can feel that he really shows his love toward you. I hope that he continues to treat you like that in the future too!

힣 |2015.03.05 16:01
I wanna live like that too...

흠 |2015.03.06 17:33
so envious ~~~ as expected, a family-oriented husband is the most crucial criteria~~~^^