Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Male idols whose concepts never overlapped since debut = EXO ^^
Since they have super powers concept, there is a lot of room for experiment indeed, but they have never overlapped in the concepts they've done since they debuted. Every time they came back, they had a new concept and they pulled it off... And more importantly, those concepts aren't awkward

I couldn't find pictures of Lotto and Lucky One so I didn't upload them, I also didn't upload their winter albums but they never overlapped either ^^

Debut MAMA


I just went to a restaurant with my family for dinner and there was a f*cking pretty girl sitting in the table in front of ours. I saw her while turning my head.
But she's not just ok-pretty, f*ck. She was legend-level pretty. No, she was crazily pretty, she's so pretty that I had to write this post about her..

She doesn't have the pretty face that you see from time to time. Seriously, it's my first time seeing someone this pretty in my whole life. She's the one top of all commoners. Her face was just f*cking pretty.

To be honest, I have f*cking high standards and for me, aside from Kim Taehee, Jun Jihyun, Irene and Yuna, I've never considered anyone else pretty. But that person I saw was f*cking solid.

I go to an arts school so I've seen a lot of idol trainees and pretty kids from the dance department but no matter how pretty they were, they couldn't even come close to the girl I just saw.
I've also seen celebrities a few times and looking at her was like looking at a celebrity at most, because she was much prettier than celebrities.

My oppa was sitting in front of me and because of him, I couldn't see that f*cking goddess from time to time because he was covering her. I even told my oppa that he had something stuck on his shirt 3 times so he would lower his head so I could get a glance.. And then my oppa got mad at me

Wow but seriously, she was awesome. It's my first time writing a post about someone I saw at a restaurant. It's only my third time writing on Pannㅋㅋ She was seriously so freaking awesome

I kept blanking out while I was eating so my dad asked me if I saw a ghost or something so I even got bullied by my family
No but seriously, she was freaking pretty. She's not just commonly pretty. She was like a celebrity. Her aura was f*cking awesome.

I saw her talking to her friend and was able to hear a little bit of it. It seems like she's still a high schooler but how can she be this pretty already?
Wow I've never seen anyone so pretty. I'm still thinking about her
For real, I'm not writing this for nothing just to be dramatic. She's was seriously freaking pretty
Wow seriously, I'm so taken aback from how pretty she was. First, I shouldn't look at my mirror anymore