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Seeing how B.I donated recently made me think... How far can they still redeem themselves?
If a celebrity commits a crime
vote up - you can redeem yourself
vote down - you can't redeem yourself

1. Drunk driving Jang Yongjun, Seo Janghoon, etc.
2. Gambling Lee Soogeun, Yang Sehyung, etc.
3. Drug Shin Dongyub, Joo Jihoon, etc.
4. Draft evasion Steven Yeun..?
5. Tax evasion Song Hyegyo, etc. (Kang Hodong says he didn't)
6. Sexual assault Lee Soo, Lee Kyungyoung, etc.
7. School violence Yang Hongwon, etc.

There are also the 4 greats kinds of celebrity criminals (Seungri, Jung Joonyoung, Go Youngwook, etc. aside from those legends) how much can a celebrity who committed a crime be forgiven?

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1. [+283, -35]
Crimes that harms others (assault, tax evasion, car accident) are totally inexcusable. Crimes that only affects themselves (drugs, gambling) should be punished by the law, and as long as they reflect, I think it's okay 

2. [+227, -6]
But all of them are living well so this is really pointless.... Eun Jiwon already got caught drunk driving twice but you guys still f*cking fangirl on him right? 

3. [+132, -8]
But there are f*cking lots of people fangirling on GD and Shin Dongyub... Didn't Shin Dongyub even receive a Daesang 2 years ago??

4. [+57, -0]
I can only tolerate gambling since it only affects themselvesㅋㅋㅋ  But stuff like sexual assaults and drunk driving, I seriously hate those

5. [+55, -21]
B.I donated 100K masks... If you consider 100K masks, that would be 250 million won;;; That's crazy;; 


For me it has to do with NASA
You guys have all heard about NASA in the US trying to cover up for the mysteries of the universe right?!
There's this guy called Gary McKinnon who hacked into NASA's computer files
And said he'd reveal all the information and pictures he found

After that, during an interview he said he saw names of people who aren't from Earth but another planet and said
"NASA is conducting work that people can't even imagine of right now"
Q: Nothing like UFOs or aliens?
A: Those are the things you can imagine
And the last thing he said was even more goosebumps inducing...
He said that aside from the pictures, NASA is trying to hide other things
He said that NASA isn't a group of scientists who are studying the mysteries of the universe, rather it's an organization that's trying to hide and cover up their secrets

Those are the pictures that Gary McKinnon revealed:

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There's a kid in our school and to be honest, there's no way that she doesn't know about her beauty. People call her pretty and she's even famous for it. From the 1st year of middle school to the 2nd year of high school, she knew about it. She even got street cast by JYP a couple of times during her elementary and middle school. In every school she attended, she was always the most popular kid and in every new semester, there are rumors starting about her beauty.
She isn't only known for it in our school but even in other schools. She's popular over there because she's pretty and there are f*cking a lot of guys who liked her. She always hears others calling her pretty and always have rumors about her looks going around every single day. 

Not long ago, she made a "ask me" post and there were kids asking her things like
- What does it feel to be pretty like you?
- You got street cast, why aren't you a celebrity?
- You can just debut the way you are now
- You are the prettiest person in our district
... and other questions like that. But every time, she answers in a way where she really doesn't think that she's pretty? And she said that she will never be a celebrity either..

But to be honest, there's no way she doesn't know that she's pretty with a face like hers. Her face is seriously small and her facial features are all in balance. Her eyes are f*cking big and I even find her much prettier than idols. But I don't understand how she always acts like she doesn't know.
No.. I actually don't know if she's pretending not to know... what do you guys think?

She knows that she's pretty but acts like she doesn't know - upvote
She really doesn't know - vote down

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1. [+447, -2]
But if she said "I know that I'm pretty, it's true that I'm freaking gorgeous~~", it's obvious that kids with inferiority complex will talk in her back... isn't it a normal response to be like "no I'm not~" when people praise you for your looks?

2. [+272, -1]
I don't know f*ck, I'm just jealous. Does it even matter if she knows or not? F*ck, I'm f*cking jealous

3. [+121, -10]
But she seriously might not be aware. There's a kid who's rather pretty in our school, but maybe not goddess-level like your friend, but there are a lot of kids at our school who know her just for her looks. But she doesn't really know that she's pretty. I think that she has low self-esteem so she always says things to downgrade herself every day...

4. [+53, -1]
But if she said that she was aware and that she's enjoying it, won't she get hate? Even when she's acting humble and doesn't talk about it, there are posts about her on Nate Pann and people are making a fuss about whether she's aware or not. So do you really think that people would stay still if she made it obvious that she knew?

5. [+40, 0]
There will for sure be a lot of kids swearing at her if she was like "yeah I know"

6. [+38, -2]
You are sure that OP is ugly just from reading this post, upvote

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I'm sorry towards Everglow's members but... This is such an embarrassment to KPOPㅠㅠㅠ

To be honest they've surpassed 70M views in 2 weeks so it's actually good exposure for a rookie girl group but it's actually making them look bad

Total Ape - Young gods

The rhythm and chorus are all the same, even the beat drops are the same. Only the instruments are different ....

When IU and Lee Hyori, etc. got into plagiarism controversies they go so much sworn at so I don't understand why no one is calling them out
It's probably because not a lot of people know about them since they're rookies

Sigh.... Just thinking about the MV gaining views, I feel like it might reach 100M soon

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1. [+108, -1]
This is a ch*nks company to start with, those people are taking advantage of the KPOP industry and bullsh*tting with it f*ck ㅋㅋ But their recognition is at the bottom domestically

2. [+87, -4]
This song is quite severe... This is 100% plagiarized.. 

3. [+52, -2]
Yeah I can't care less

4. [+19, -2]
Didn't their previous song sound like Kill This Love?

5. [+12, -0]
They're just BlackPink wannabes

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People there call it "gay-pop" right? If they look at k-pop they might be curious but if you think about it, they have artists like Ariana, Billie, Lil Nas X, etc. Will they even see it as a song since it's not even in the same language?.. as Koreans, we see these as songs but... do they really look like losers?
I'm asking with the exception of BTS


I've heard these words at least 10 times in my whole life. I'm on the tall side and I've heard people saying how girls who were over 160 or 165 were gross so they are no good. It makes me so mad. I'm satisfied with my height but people around me keep bugging me about it

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1. [+797, -37]
I find it hilarious how guys say how they don't like tall girlsㅋㅋ It's not that you guys don't like them but that you don't want them to find out that you're short so you're scared right?

2. [+592, -38]
That's just because short guys have inferiority complex

3. [+430, -40]
But those words are surely said by short guys no?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ people who have average heights or who are above average never said anything like this to me

4. [+196, -5]
I'm 170 cm tall and to be honest I've seen f*cking lots of guys shorter than me

5. [+165, -196]
Why are you guys looking down on short guys while f*cking praising tall girls?

6. [+123, -2]
I'm 173 cm tall and when I go to my relatives, there are so many adult women who would say this to me f*ck. They say things like "men don't like tall girls" and whatnotㅠㅠ

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Seriously, I told him that I think that calling each other is important and that even if he hates it, he should try calling even for a short amount of time. I told him almost over 10 times. But even now, it's been 10 days that he still hasn't called me. Is it right to just break up with him? It makes me wonder if he can't even do this much for me? Or if it's a hard thing to do?

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1. [+447, -31]
It's nobody's fault and if you guys are just not compatible, it's just right to break up. I'm the same type as your boyfriend. Personally, I seriously find calling to be a pain and I hate it. And if I end up calling, it's not like I have anything to say so I'd rather meet him in person if I had anything to say. For people who don't like to call, it's true that it's a hard thing to do

2. [+382, -16]
I f*cking hate calling so I f*cking hated it when my s.o kept asking me to callㅜ so in the end, we broke up

3. [+248, -16]
My personality is like that of your boyfriend's. I don't understand your point and if you keep asking, it would just make me annoyed. You guys should just break up, the gap between your personalities is too severe

4. [+115, -19]
But no matter how much he hates calling, you guys are still dating. Isn't it a bit severe that he hasn't called for 10 days?? Unless he has some deep trauma involving calling, I didn't know it would go this far

5. [+88, -2]
Me too, I don't think that there's a need to call and calling it just boring so I hate itㅠㅠ I'm sorry but it's really tiring and a pain to do; It's as if my time was taken away and my time is so precious. I'd rather cut our conversations short

6. [+80, -2]
Me too I don't like calling ㅋㅋ It's so awkward to talk without seeing the other's face and I don't even call my friends.. You could take that time and meet him in real life instead. Please don't whine about calling