Monday, March 16, 2020


Do you think that idols (celebrities) fight between them or not?

Vote up) they do
Example 1: In an audition program, the top 1-20 will get to debut. When they are in the process of making the group, the top 1 knows that he/she is the one top and the most popular so he/she might look down on the other members. The top 10 will know that his/her popularity is the mid-point so he/she must look down on the kids below him/her.
The top 20 must have extreme inferiority complex

Example 2: When the idols have a group meeting, the popular member (the core member) must be the one in command and the less popular members will feel bad. And since the group revolves around the popular member, the ones below him/her will keep being looked down on

Example 3: In a variety show, member A and B from different groups are meeting. But since A is from a top tier group and B is from a lower tier group, A must be thinking "ah Bㅋㅋ that kid is way less popular than me"

Vote down) you don't think they fight, and they must all be close to each other

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1. [+175, -5]
I think that rather than fight within a group, fights with other groups must be way more severe

2. [+128, -1]
Fights will happen wherever you go

3. [+79, -1]
They are human too so why wouldn't they fight?;; stop deifying humans

4. [+49, -2]
If  was in Produce and ranked 5~7, I would honestly become closer to the kids who ranked 1~3 instead than the kids who ranked below me

5. [+32, 0]
Of course they do. They all met because of business and their popularity gets compared every single day. Even the way people treat them is totally different if they are famous vs not famous. Stop being delusional and think that idol members and the company are like a "family" to them

6. [+25, 0]
Depending on the members' personality, it's possible that 1-2 don't occur (I think that teams that are promoting for a long-run definitely don't have those), but #3 definitely happens ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There's even this story about how Kim Sejung was close with this kid when she was in IOI but ended up being ignored when she joined Gugudan because the group failed....