Friday, January 5, 2018


I just joined Irene's fandom so I was searching for videos of her and this one has been attracting more and more views lately, so thought "ah so people seem to like Irene's face more and more" and clicked in it with an innocent mind but...;;


Isn't SM too much?
First of all, I'm just going to reveal, I'm a NCitizen.
And my bias is NCT-U's Ten. But the majority of kids have no idea who he is.
Ten doesn't appear on TV and he isn't promoting either, so of course people wouldn't know who he is.
The most shocking thing is that. He debuted in April 2016, but he never did a comeback ever since.
(He did one for "SM station" but it wasn't a "official" comeback)

There are lots of people who may say "So what? Who cares if it's only been 2 years since he hasn't comeback? It's already been N years that XX haven't comeback either"
But Ten's case is a bit of an exception to me.
Ten debuted with "The 7th sense" but wasn't part of any comebacks!!!!!
They should raise awareness of the members once they comeback, but it makes no sense that they don't promote Ten, so people eventually forgot him.
Of course, the fans can only be upset...
I wonder if he'll even stand out if he made a comeback.
To be honest, all the other members who've debuted with him under NCTU went to NCT127 and debuted there again.... It's so unfair!! At this rate, I'm even starting to think that SM is purposely ignoring Ten.

People have been spreading rumors about how he might debut in another NCT unit,
but no one knows when he'll do that and whether he'll even promote in our country.
He only rarely releases pictures in the official fancafe and it's so hard to bare with the wait.
I entered the fandom because of Ten's dancing skills, but the more the wait is dragging, the more people I saw quit the fandom.
It's not like it's some patience test either...

I realized that this post is getting longer... Kids, NCT's Ten has lots of talents, and he also has a handsome face, he's really talented
Before even debuting, he went on Hit the stage and he got acknowledged for his skills too...
I'm not telling you to like him, but I wish that once he makes a comeback you go "ah... So this is Ten" and give him some interest

Thank you for reading and let's be happy in 2018!