Sunday, December 22, 2019


For me...
I'm working part-time during Christmas Eve.... And during Christmas too.....
So I'm gonna throw a simple party at a friend's house on the 26th.....

F*cking realistic
"I don't have money so... *yawn* I'm not gonna give any gifts even to the crying kids..."

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1. [+293, -5]
I thought that I'd get a boyfriend by now

2. [+150, -3]
Am I the only one who has no plans?? I'm just gonna stay in my room

3. [+118, -1]
My friends either have a boyfriend or are in a some so I can't meet with them. I'm just gonna rewatch Harry Potter ^^!

4. [+40, -14]
I want to kill myselfㅋㅋ but I'm too scared so I can't

5. [+38, -1]
I'm gonna stay up all night on the 22nd and 23rd and will go to sleep in the morning of the 24th when everyone will awake. And I'm planning to wake up the night of the 25th and go eat dinner..^^!

6. [+36, -1]
I'm just gonna go on a movie marathon all day at home. Just thinking about it makes me happy~~~