Saturday, August 21, 2021


1. Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon had a Vlive some days ago 
2. I'm not sure about the details, but an employee passed them a cream cake and a not so tasty sandwich 
3. Those 2 started frowning when eating it and made it obvious that they didn't like it. Of course, they put in ingredients that they didn't like. (Both Seokjin and Namjoon said they hate avocado. Namjoon took a bite and put it down and Seokjin barely touched it. The most important part is that Seokjin hates cream about a dozen time but they still got him a cream cake) 
4. Later on, it was found out that the sandwich that HYBE's employee got was from one of their acquaintance that runs a dessert place, and they used Bangtan's fame to bring awareness to their shop (later on, they released an apology and said they had nothing to do with the HYBE employee..????) 
5. They released 'Bangtan coin' on their IG story alluding to only seeing BTS as money and spat those words without hesitation and even laughed about it. 
Plate D: "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋBangtan coin" 
Wow_Woojae: "Is that the Bangtan coin I've heard of?"

6. Of course Army who saw this couldn't hold back their anger
7. So they released an apology
"Hello this is Plate D.
First of all, we apologize for releasing this post so late. 
Regarding regramming our acquaintance's story with "Bangtan coin", we wanted to let you know that we released it without the intention that Army thought we had. 

We were really happy that the BTS members ate our shop's food deliciously and using the word 'coin' was implied in a positive way. We never thought that Army would receive this so negatively. 

Furthermore, I'm also a fan of BTS. I never intended to use them in a negative manner, and I couldn't judge that the term 'Bangtan coin' would be viewed negatively by Army. I was short-sighted. Sorry. 
I apologize to all Army who felt uncomfortable through my words. 

Plate D will make their effort to become more careful in the future. I apologize again."

That's how they released their apology... 
However, last time, when Hobie was doing his Vlive, they also got the cake from that shop
They said that they had no relationship with HYBE's employee, so you're telling me that employee must like that shop's food like crazy f*ck?
It takes more than 1 hour trip to get the cake

'Hello this is Plate D. 
I released the apology hastily and there were a lot of Armys who raised suspicions and complaints about some parts of my apology, I felt like there were some unresolved issues. There were parts that many have pointed out that were faulty and embarrassing that I couldn't realize when I released the post. 
I couldn't keep private life and public life separate and I wrote some thoughtless words that were problematic. I acknowledge this. 
And I'm sincerely apologizing. 
I thank Army for being able to redirect me towards the rightful path through the criticism. 
Plate D will make an effort to always use every word carefully and become more humble in the future. 

Moreover, I would like to give some clarity on the fact that many people have been raising doubt about 'the acquaintance promoting that shop'. Plate D's agency has no close connections to that agency nor anyone who belongs to the agency. Once again, we've never given sponsorship or ad deals. 

We just did as we always did with all customers which is receiving a take out order and preparing the menu with the ingredients we have. 
We only found out about [the BTS members putting an order] through an acquaintance who was running our shop's business that they have eaten our food. 
However, we take the blame over the fact that the BTS members couldn't enjoy our food properly and that many Army have felt uncomfortable through us. 
We will work hard to improve our 'taste' that was lacking. 

We apologize once again and thank you for all the criticisms. 
Sorry and thank you. 

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1. [+691, -3]
You can clearly tell what those employees think of BTS. And looks like there are still sh*tty employees working at HYBE too 

2. [+606, -2]
Those f*cking Bighit employees it's not the first or second time... Please manage your employees a bit 

3. [+551, -7]
That shop should at least release an apology. That Hybe f*cker employee released that 'coin' word in his private account

4. [+324, -0]
That shop said that the HYBE employee isn't an acquaintance of the shop and it's a f*cking lie. That sandwich shop is in Nonhyeon/Gangnam. If you take the care it'll take about 40 minutes to go so a round trip will be way more than 1 hour. There's a bunch of dessert places at Yongsan, must then go to a shop that's not even opened yet in Gangnam to buy a sandwich and a cake? They even got Hobie's cake in that shop tooㅇㅇ  They took a screenshot of BTS during their Vlive to promote the shop and they went ahead and wrote that Bangtan coin bullsh*t. Bagntan never releases any of the brands they're using on their self-content and would put a sticker on them, but this time, you could even see the way they placed the packaging with the names clearly written on them. And the members even read out the menuㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Do you think we're fools?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+301, -3]
That Vlive was seriously unpleasant. Let alone the fact that they had the shop's goods and sandwich, it just felt like an ad. Bangtan isn't at this level anymore 

6. [+284, -0]
Why would they give kids who hate cream and avocado a peach cream cake and an avocado sandwich? It was f*cking dumbfounding. Even the fans all know this, so you're gonna tell me that a team who is stuck with them 24h/day isn't aware? The kids were so hungry but they only took a few bites