Monday, October 7, 2019


Since I worked as a staff for dance teams, I've seen a lot of kids dancing. Whether they were a girl or a guy, most of them had knee issues.

Most of them had fluid accumulation in their knee and they end up being the ones falling on state. The reason is because of the fluid accumulation, even if they just move for 5 minutes, their bones will start wobbling and it's very painful. It also comes with muscular aches. They said that the pain can't even be suppressed with pain killers.

Today, Han Seungwoo was crouching down while holding on his knee and you could see how severely in pain he was. It's f*cking impressive that he was able to perform for over 10 minutes without pain killers. Just standing up is hard to do.

But Han Seungwoo has to perform like that for the next 5 years.
He's not even properly paid and isn't getting treated either.
Even if he's hurting, he can't tell anyone

Is this really what you want?

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1. [+137, -3]
Han Seungwoo hurt his knee and thighs last year during Victon's fan meeting and he still performed until the end. That day, he was dragging his leg and smiling while greeting the fans off and went on V-app at night and told the fans that he was ok. He was trying to appease the fans but he went to the hospital right away on the next day and had surgery. Even the Victon members told him to go to the hospital if he was hurt. Please think about our Seungwoo a bit. Right now, Seungwoo's bones are grinding against each other when he's on stage. It might look good now but think about the future

2. [+118, -3]
If you support this, f*ck, just think about when their schedules will be filled with tours overseas. He can't even go to the hospital despite his state. He's just hurting inside. He's not even getting paid properly. Seriously, what are they doing?

3. [+83, 0]
If Han Seungwoo didn't like dancing, it would be whatever. But he was dancing during all his high school, he even asked his parents to send him to a dance academy and cried for days because of it. It will be terrible if he becomes unable to dance. They need to focus on getting him proper treatment right now

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I'm a fan of another group but even so, Han Seungwoo was one of my two-picks. To the fans who are still supporting this, are they filming CFs? Are they appearing on public broadcasts? Have you guys seen how they divide the money? Because they can't earn money another way, they will be sent on tours overseas and do you think that he'll be taken care of properly there?

5. [+32, -1]
To be honest, I'm a fan who supported Victon with 7 members and I just hope that Seungwoo gets out of X1 and promotes with Victon on their next promotions. If Seungwoo continues to dance and practice with this condition, his knee won't be able to support the idol lifestyle anymore. At that point, we won't even be able to see him dance anymore. Let Seungwoo rest a bit...


+ X1's slave contract

"It wasn't about the sales

The business profit (sales - expenses) has to exceed 10 billion won.

It's almost like they have to earn 100 million won per head count

The issue is

There are only 3 companies with profits over 10 billion won (~8M USD).

Big Hit (64.1 billion), SM (47.7 billion), JYP (28.7 billion)..."

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1. [+94, -3]
Swing should give him proper care ㅋㅋ They knew that their official colors ovelapped with those of Victon and still copied them ㅋㅋ Both groups have Seungwoo as the leader and it's a mess KK they blocked off all the fans' complaints when the offical color controversy broke out. Seeing that and how they put Seungwoo as the leader regardless just show that they have 0 respect for him. He's just being treated like an ATM

2. [+87, -2]
He went on Produce after his surgery and was practicing every day for his promotions and was limping. When the cameras weren't on him, he was grabbing on his knee and was pretending to be fine. Seeing how we only see a small part of the big picture really makes it seem like it's much more severe BB even though it's too late, he should go to the hospital BB

3. [+83, -1]
Seungwoo-yah, please listen to Sejun's words BBB Please, if you're hurt, go to the hospital ㅜㅜㅜㅜSwing f*ckers, send him to the hospital

4. [+26, -1]
People keep saying how we're not real fans if he told Seungwoo to go back to Victon so I was holding back all this time but this is seriously not right ㅠㅠthey said that if their profit exceeds 10 billion, they will receive 1.3 million won (~1K USD) in salary but how is he even gonna use that? ㅜㅜHe can't even cover for his knee treatment ㅠㅠ

5. [+21, 0]
I'm seriously frustrated. I'm good as long as Seungwoo is happy but this is not right. The contract terms, Seungwoo's condition, the Victon members who are worried about Seungwoo... Thinking about those things, I did thought a few times that I would like him back in the group