Thursday, September 6, 2018


I noticed a bunch of different fandoms on Twitter mentioning how they got scammed, so I'm writing a post about it, please spread this on other websites too

IBk:975 023908 01 xxx Kim Minhyuk
Sinhan: 1102333890xx  Choi Hyemi
Kukmin: 697601016461xx Park Eunsung
Kukmin: 010-4075-70xx Kim Minhyuk
Kukmin: 010-5789-363x Kim Minhyuk
KBank: 1001053500xx Kim Minhyuk

If you just go on Twitter and search for "Kim Minhyuk scam" you'll find the accounts related to Kim Kim Minhyuk

BTS solo concert, VIXX Leo concert, EXO solo concert, EXO's Industrial Bank of Korea concert, etc. all those concert goers were scammed by Kim Minhyuk and he even has an open chat room with people to scam them, there are currently 19 people in the account

Kim Minhyuk isn't scamming huge amounts with concert goers
He would probably get 110Kwon per solo concert (~100$)
Usually ticket scalpers would sell BTS or EXO tickets at 3,400,000won (~3K) and it could go higher, but Kim Minhyuk compared to them would sell super cheap tickets at around 120Kwon and can even go 20K lower and the fans would be incited to buy at that price

He would get proofs of his purchase in some ways so that fans can't help but believe him and in the end, he would scam them

I'm not even sure that his real name is Kim Minhyuk to start with, anyways the fans who got scammed all gathered together and notified the police about it in an open chat room.
But the police side said that since it's going to take very long, there are chances that they won't be able to retrieve the money back

Me too I got scammed by Kim Minhyuk
I'm not writing this post to get my money back
I'm in a condition where if I need money, I can earn it, but I'm just thinking about all those fans who got scammed because their love for their idols were used against them
And I hope that people like Kim Minhyuk reading this post would think twice and things like that disappear

I know that I'm an adult now, but there are far more underage fans whom 100Kwon is a big burden on them, they would be scared about their parents scolding them and even if they get scammed, they won't be able to report it to anyone
So please read this post

When this happens to you, please be careful, and if possible don't buy from ticket scalpers../

By the way Kim Minhyuk's Katalk ID is "Sohot1013"

This is Kim Minhyuk's Twitter account!

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ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 20:26 신고하기
Hul this is crazy and it's not the first or second time he does it.. This is a post you have to read the entirety of it

ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 20:43 신고하기
I hope those f*ckers disappear. It's because of people like them that no one trusts transferring money because they might get scammed

ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 20:33 신고하기
Please be the top trending post

ㅇㅇ |2018.09.07 00:30 신고하기
The post was too long so I erased the rest;; To summarize, I was scammed 2 years ago with 150Kwon (~150$), not only me, but he gathered 12 people in a katalk room and we all got scammed.  He scammed more than 140Kwon per person that f*cker needs to be caught

ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 20:33 신고하기
Let's go for the top trending this one is severe